Flux and Elly team up for a news attack Diablo 3 podcast. Topics include B.net’s D3 beta tech problems, “global play” news, melee monster hit range, the official D3 reveal countdown promotion, and more.

    Issues discussed include Flux’s new computer system and Diablo III Beta install difficulties, the announced Beta end date, Blizzard’s official D3 reveal release countdown site and the 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% features, one two of which were fairly interesting. Diablo III’s new “global play” ToS have not yet been revealed, but Flux thinks they will be ominous. Varquynne created an amazing Diablo III loot tabulation. The Diablo III beta finally hits its stride after 7 months, with 275,000 invites. Melee attacking monsters have time delayed hits. And a new Diablo 3 CM shows his used car salesman skills.

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