Diablo Podcast #64: News Attack! Global Play, Reveal and Beta End

Flux and Elly team up for a news attack Diablo 3 podcast. Topics include B.net’s D3 beta tech problems, “global play” news, melee monster hit range, the official D3 reveal countdown promotion, and more.

Issues discussed include Flux’s new computer system and Diablo III Beta install difficulties, the announced Beta end date, Blizzard’s official D3 reveal release countdown site and the 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% features, one two of which were fairly interesting. Diablo III’s new “global play” ToS have not yet been revealed, but Flux thinks they will be ominous. Varquynne created an amazing Diablo III loot tabulation. The Diablo III beta finally hits its stride after 7 months, with 275,000 invites. Melee attacking monsters have time delayed hits. And a new Diablo 3 CM shows his used car salesman skills.

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18 thoughts on “Diablo Podcast #64: News Attack! Global Play, Reveal and Beta End

  1. i think Elly was right, you the RMAH is apart of ur Battle.net account and not the diablo3 gobal account on ur battle.net account (alest thats is the way i understand it)

    but the gold AH is part of the diablo 3 global part and not linked to ur battle.net account 😉

  2. I wrote it in comments on youtube, but I’ll retype it here again.
    800k (not 750k) invites to beta of WoW: Mists of Pandaria were only for people who bought Annual Pass. It wasn’t for all people who opt-in for beta. And those beta invites were promised by Blizzard when it was announced.
    And it also means at least 800k people will get Diablo 3 for free.

    • Also they just sent another 400k Annual Pass invites. Which means there is at least 1.2mln people who will receive Diablo 3 for free.

    • I don’t think anyone’s confused as to why and where Blizzard put their priorities; the WoW players are paying customers, Bliz used the MoP beta invites as incentive to sell the annual pass, and they want to keep those people hooked and paying their $15/month once their prepaid year runs out.

      Just because what Bliz did makes perfect economic sense doesn’t mean all the Diablo players on the outside looking in are happy about it, though.

  3. Background FPS = max FPS when Diablo is not the app in the foreground (eg you are browsing the web and the game is running in the background).
    You do not want to increase it too much  – it could slow down your PC when _not_ actively playing the game. 

  4. This, Diablo 3’s Background FPS cap has absolutely no effect while you’re playing diablo 3. 😉

  5. Why didn’t I start listening to these sooner? I love listening to Elly’s lovely accent and I think the two of you have great senses of humor (yeah, humor. not humour, ELLY). You play off each other well – the conversation evolves naturally and never misses a beat.

    By the way, Flux (referring to podcast #62, which I listened to right after this one) – it’s hell-icopter. Not heel-icopter.

    Clearly, I am a spelling and pronunciation nazi who thinks only he has the right answers. 

    • Glad you enjoyed. Don’t be fooled by our jolly banter! We actually record around 8 hours of audio for every show. It’s only by days of painstakingly editing that Elly assembles something resembling coherent conversation.

  6. Good podcast as always.

    1. Global play is nothing but a great thing. 

    2. Yes I’m concerned about launch day issues because just the other day we had an issue with the Open Beta to everyone and look how long it took them to solve that issue. I just pray nothing goes really bad because it will look really bad.  

  7. I wrote this just to say how much I like Elly’s voice.

    Elly…I love it! Flux should remain in silence and let her do the speaking…

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