Diablo Podcast #63: Naked Runs, Hardcore, and Beta Difficulty Swings

Flux is joined by The Eliminator and our Hardcore columnist Xanth to talk about all sorts of recent Diablo 3 beta news. The Eliminator has been playing “naked,” trying to play through the entire beta with no armor and only the starting weapon, and he answers numerous questions about that experience. Xanth is all about Hardcore, and he brings that One Life to Live attitude to the Beta.

Other than those specific issues, all three guys have played a great deal with all of the classes, and the conversation ranges over numerous beta issues, including the balance changes in Beta Patch 15, the lack of good single-target attacks for most characters in the early going, a debate about which classes are best and worst vs. the new and improved King Leoric, and everyone’s most/least favorite classes at this point in the beta test.

Since the podcast time was divided by topic, you can skip right to the ones you are most interested in. Be aware that none of these sections stay strictly on the main point, with digressions due to the conversational nature of the intercourse.

  • 0-21:00 — The Eliminator answers questions about playing naked. Why, how, what’s the biggest difference, which classes are strongest and weakest, what he’s learned from his labors, and more.
  • 21:00 — Xanth talks about his beta Hardcore play and what the Halls of the Dead are like, since he only died to test them out. No, really.
  • 37:30 — Most/least favorite characters in the beta right now. Xanth likes the Barbarian and dislikes the Demon Hunter. The Eliminator likes the Witch Doctor and doesn’t like the Demon Hunter. Meanwhile, Flux likes the current Demon Hunter best of all, and not just to be contrary.
  • 49:30 — Skeleton King strategy issues, since most classes lack a good single-target skill when they reach Leoric.
  • 55:00 — Xanth asks about everyone’s plans for release day. Digital or hard copy? Midnight marathon play session and time off from work? Will the servers hold up?
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17 thoughts on “Diablo Podcast #63: Naked Runs, Hardcore, and Beta Difficulty Swings

  1. Before I played I liked the demon hunter. got into beta hated the DH at first. When skills started unlocking I liked the DH again. played the other classes and now my least fav is the Barb.

    • There’s a trend here. It seems that you can’t really judge based on the limited beta content which class you like.

  2. mmmm imo DH’s rapid fire, when u get to skeleton king and have a decent weapon, does pretty good dmg. pretty good for a single target skill against a boss. cant wait till we get the slow movement rune on rapid fire tho. 

  3. Xanth asks about everyone’s plans for release day. Digital or hard copy? Midnight marathon play session and time off from work? Will the servers hold up?

    LOL, heh.  Regardless of whether or not we’re physically at work…we’ll be taking time off!  And the servers will not hold up.  My prediction is that they’ll be down inside of the first two hours.

  4. Very interesting podcast with Eliminator and his naked runs. Nice infos for wanting us to get started with doing naked runs. I’m trying this right now! 😉

  5. Just want to clarify something,  I don’t dislike the DH.  I just feel he is my least favorite out of all the classes.

  6. I want to try this beta so bad ! You guys make me crazy every time I listen which by the way is a great thing 

  7. Great podcast! I haven’t been following lately becuase I have been too obsessed with the beta. I recently became bored with it (after the 1000th time playing it through) and am going to try some naked runs! Thanks for the idea theeliminator  :mrgreen:

  8. That was one of the most positive podcasts in a long time.
    Unfortunately, I do believe that there’s an 80-90% chance the servers will go down.  Fortunately, that won’t really hurt the game in the long run, and will give modders a huge starting initiative to get private servers running, and maybe get some people talking about Torchlight II.
    So really, it’s win-win.  Except for those few hours.  Which will be grueling and horrible.

  9. Well done guys, thanks.  This podcast is getting me through the next hour of spreadsheets  😐
    I do my spreadsheet runs in HC mode. 

    • i second this question i would like to save some time as well I’m planning on getting retail version so any time i can save installing would be great.

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