Diablo Podcast #62: News Attack! – Release Date, PvP Removed, Site’s 15th Anniversary and more

Elly and Flux discuss all the ramifications of Diablo 3’s just-announced release date, digital game pricing, Blizzard’s decision to not include PvP upon launch, Jay Wilson’s numerous tweets about Inferno and late game fun, how the recently-hacked extra beta content seems to support Jay’s contentions, plus new movies showing off various class skills.

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21 thoughts on “Diablo Podcast #62: News Attack! – Release Date, PvP Removed, Site’s 15th Anniversary and more

  1. elly, i dont think you need a US copy or EU copy 😉 as the diablo 3 account is gobal 😉
    unless you like one for EU RMAH and us RMAH and us forums/eu forums 🙂 avtar

    • As I understand it, your b.net account (and battletag?) is global, but you must create a new account on each server/realm. So one box will enable you to play on the US, or EU, or Asian realm. But your accounts and characters will be different and separate on each one.

      You’d only need two boxes if you wanted two accounts on the same realm, to have more than 10 chars, for instance. I’ll actually be surprised if this remains true; I expect Bliz to set it up like SC2, where you had to buy two copies of the game to play on the US and EU servers.

      • As i understand it from Bashiok posts  you can play in all regions with just one box/account but your RMAH use is locked to the region you choose as home region.

      • no, unless they change how the client works, the L time world wide will be 00.00 PDT
        allso there is this :
        According to Blizzard news

        “The End of Days approaches…. Diablo III is set to launch on May 15, 2012, and you can be ready to play the minute the servers go live by pre-purchasing the game digitally on Battle.net today. Simply complete the digital pre-sale process, and your account will be flagged for automatic access to Diablo III when it launches at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15. ”

        • Didn’t notice the “PDT” when I read it :[

          Still hope they’ll do it the cata way and fix that press release.

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  3. Nice podcast!
    Anyway about difficulty Hope there is a ‘/players 4’ or something like that. That was so cool in D2 where if you wanted the difficulty to ramp up a bit. And some quick XP, then type in that.
    The whole PVP not in from the start –  Don’t really care for PVP. I might check it out. Will probably get torn to shreds in the first place. I’ll leave the PVP to games TF2 or some of the decent MMO’s out there.

  4. The word strafe is actually loaned from German, where it means ‘to punish’. It came to be used in the meaning ‘to shell, bombard from the air’ during the World Wars, according to Wikipedia. The meaning ‘move sideways’ in FPSs is probably because quickly moving sideways while shooting is similar to shooting from a fast moving airplane.

    • Do we have any guarantee on that? As far as I know, you won’t have PvP when you buy D3 for $60 or €60.

  5. eh! its st pattys day u Cawks! 

    Find some beer and stop posting ur nerdyaz crapola!

    Hooooo!   😆

  6. I find it really shocking that this kind of mis-information 👿 is still going around.  It has been posted by several blues this one I have to hand – http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3764578704?page=5#81.

    If I buy a copy digitially or boxed copy in the UK it’s exactly the same as buying it in the USA, no difference.   I then install it on a computer anywhere and then tie it to my account, this locks my RMAH to my region where the account is (UK in my case) and I can play in the Europe region by default. BUT AS IN DIABLO II, you can select the gateway/region and then create a character in that region and play with my friends in the USA. 

    You have 10 characters per region and the regions are essentially firewall no transfer between the regions, isolated.

    So the in summary, Elly, you will only need 1 x digital copy or boxed version ( I for instance have a digital copy and a box CE coming to add to the account).  This will enable you to play in all regions not just the region where it was bought, so you WILL need 2 blizzard accounts (one on US, one on Europe ONLY IF you want to use the RMAH in each region).

    Hope this clears this up and stop FUD.

    • Yes, 2 copies, as I said. I will buy one for US and one for EU or use the CE for that. Wherever I’m playing I want to be able to use the RMAH so that is why I am buying two copies.  That’s correct information.  Flux has elaborated above and I believe it’s what the wiki says too. I can’t check as I’m on a poo connection (at my folks for mother’s day).

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