Diablo Podcast #61: News Attack! Release Date, Magic Find, Monsters

Elly makes her triumphant return to the podcast for another Weekly News Attack. Lots to talk about lately, including release date rumors and fan reactions to them, and the ongoing debate about Battle.net 2.0’s lacking socializing features in Starcraft 2 and now Diablo 3.

The hosts talk about some new features as well, including balance changes from the new skill/rune system, a promised doubling to monster damage, and Magic Find now sharing throughout the party.

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28 thoughts on “Diablo Podcast #61: News Attack! Release Date, Magic Find, Monsters

  1. I know this isn’t Diablo related but just to raise awareness.

    Also, I just want them to announce the release date ASAP. The wait is killing me. -_-

  2. Was that really necessary.
    My heart skipped a beat when I read ‘NEWS ATTACK! RELEASE DATE!!!11!”

  3. Yeah Flux you were wrong…SC2 beta lasted until a few days before the release! I laughed at your date joke though ;)!

  4. Flux-

    You are over-thinking your conspiracy theory.  Here’s one to play with since you seemed dry: The lack of a comprehensive chat system isn’t to prevent people from playing WoW.  The purpose is to get people to use the RMAH.  Let’s say they did build in a huge, well designed chat system for D3.  Guilds and different community groups would start forming, and having their own private, or even public channels.  Very soon, these communities become very tightly knit, and instead of selling off all your extra items on the RMAH, you save them, because you are part of a group, and now know tons of people who could use them.  You do this because you know the other people of your group/guild will also do the same for you, and perhaps even start freely giving away your extras because it helps the group/guild. All those trades/gifts are potential lost transaction fees. Good chat channels could also promote things like trading items for services such as powerleveling, rushing, etc, which also circumvent the AHs. With the auto-assign game joining, and lack of a quality community-building method, your experience with other players becomes far less personal. Thus, I feel relatively cut off, and my only good means to acquire items that I myself have not had drop for me, are the AHs.

    How’s that?

      • I imagine they just don’t have the capacity to deal with chat / spam bots and that’s why chat sucks? I don’t know…

    • WoW’s 1-year income from subscriptions is greater than the income of all-time sales of Bnet games (SC2 and D3 combined both together). Go calculate the numbers yourselves, it will make you more aware of the finances of this business and hopefully you will understand that this isn’t about gaming. It’s just good business.

      • Oh, I know WoW is their cash cow.  That’s the reason they are so paranoid about losing people.  I just dont think inadequate chat has anything to do with a push to not cannibalize WoW subs.  They are making   a large effort to keep them with the yearly pass, and now their revamped scroll campaign. (Frankly, I dont think having crummy chat in D3 is the result of anything but a design afterthought.  I just thought the conspiracy theory was amusing, and in a weird way, makes sense).  What they should really do if they want to cross promote, is have things in WoW that you can earn for D3, and things in D3 that you can earn for WoW.

  5. Omg not Ellyyyyyyy again -_- and for the love of God..change that intro video with the guy dancing on wow contest. It is a Diablo podcast for crying out loud.

  6. I like that theory of the lackluster chat ui’s in both sc2 and d3 because they are non-subscription games. Conspiracies intrigue me.

    Can’t wait for June 32nd!!

  7. Um, I think it makes more sense if you assume that the designers don’t see SC2 as a failure because of community. They’re not actively withholding as sabotage, they’re just not focused on it.

    Assuming the raw sales numbers are as bad as Flux implies, I do think the eSports thing does present itself as a ready reason to keep SC alive for as many iterations as it takes. Presumably they see a licensing bonanza in the future (now?), and I can see the sense in it. Staking out a market where you see open ground is more important than making profits on product. 

    So, what I’m suggesting is that they simply are focused on other things, and don’t feel motivated to do more. They would assume the game isn’t catching on because of this broader tension of playing to the pro community, while still appealing to casual play. If they make adjustments, it’s probably a slow trek across this spectrum.


    Maybe they just think SC2 sold fewer than expected, or perhaps hoped, for their own more nuanced reasons due to timing, gameplay innovation rate, competition (including from themselves), etc.. One always has to be skeptical of singular explanations.

  8. cant believe noone is raging about the fact that the new non-item-runes take a very high amount commitment to build orders out of the game.
    hey! that guy looks cool! lets be arkan wiz too for some minutes! 

    • You’re about a few weeks late with that. Everyone who wanted to rage already has, they’ve now moved onto screaming about shared MF.

  9. Elly – the Queen of podcasts. There are many D3 podcast on the internet but only here we get a chance to get one with Elly

  10. I’m guessing I wasn’t meant to hear the version I heard lol.
    Elly you crack me up. 

  11. … my opinion on the theories on why blizzard is doing the chat system as they are…

    I really think all most people are over thinking this. You guys all think about blizzard as a company that mainly thinks of making money… well guess what, the shareholders aren’t the guys designing the games, even if they make some kinda comment on what they think the dev’s should do, how often would that really happen?! You guys (the entire elitist d3 community) keep mentioning things like this in like every thing blizzard does… Is it really that hard to imagine a few devs thinking that they are really protecting people from all the elitists, that would make them lose intrest in the game? This actually happen for a lot of people, they don’t play on the battlenet because they don’t like to be called noob and shouted at every 3 sec of the game… So blizzard could be focusing on getting players to play with friends like 95% of the time….

    Another thing, the main purpose of the devs is getting as many people to enjoy the game as possible…

    the main purpose for the shareholders is getting as many people to buy the game as possible…

    the difference isn’t really that great…

    Another note by shareholders, more than applying to the actual shareholders, I use it on everyone who want’s money out of the game.

    ok, going to stop here because i’m pretty sure this theory is wrong as well… and well the fact that I don’t care much.

    Also I really don’t get people who say Diablo 3 is going to be easy or hard… Let me ask you this, just what do you picture in the game is going to be hard? I will try to picture a few thing my self….

    1. the actual fight are going to be harder… ? what in the fights are going to be harder? Sure you have to spend more time learning the robes and such… But that isn’t really Diablo as we know it is it? We know it as a timespending game, a grinding game. These fights on inferno or whatever, might be difficult at first, because you don’t know hope to combine your abilities to it’s out most, but only at first… But that’s not really what has the greatest effect on how good we are in Diablo, the greatest effect has always been our equipment. Meaning we won’t be able to do y area before we get x equipment. But as always when we get that equipment we will be able to do it quite easily… this is kinda my conclusion on inferno, Blizzard says it’s hard… well I’m sure it will be just as hard as D1 and D2 at their given stages. The only thing I really can see changing is that it will take a bit more time completing it.

    2. time=difficulty
    well congratulations if you believe this, then blizzard is presenting inferno just as you want it 🙂

    3. co-op needed=difficulty
    I must admit that it would surprise me to see co op being a requirement for any of normal though hell. But it might actually happen in Inferno. If so then Diablo 3 is going to differ much from D1 and D2, and will probably pose lots of fun challenges in which you need to have a team you know well and trust.

    4. Deaths=difficulty
    Don’t know what to say to this… really I can’t see how death really matters, for me more deaths, is simply more time spent building up a character and pretty much resembles, my option 2…

    5. the others… well I don’t want to spent the rest of the day here, so come up with other ideas yourself.

  12. I believe Blizzard doesn’t want public chat channels is because they know their community gets or has a bad reputation. So in essence, no community = good reputation. Atleast that is what I think about it. Good podcast!

    • don’t dwell to much on it he misspoke, the box on the picture slide clearly said doubled monster damage…

  13. Why doesn’t Blizzard want to introduce the chat/community system?

    TIME. Moderators, harassment, over filled channels, spamming. The list goes on and on.

    It is a headache they don’t want to deal with.

  14. I think one possibility for the reason they don’t have a stellar chat system in D2 or SC2 is that they have something else planned.  I think Blizz’s escapades into RealID is a clue as to their intentions.  They want to build a true social networking site to keep people connected to Blizzard even after they quit playing WoW.    RealID failed, but I think it points towards Blizz attempting to build some sort of “Facebook for gamers” service.  They probably plan to integrate it into all Blizzard/Bnet 2.0 games, so you can use it in-game.  To encourage people to use it, they will intentionally make the traditional chat system subpar.  Why haven’t we heard anything about it yet?  Because they take so long to develop things and its not nearly ready.

    I think they actually have NOT given up on RealID.  They are just reworking the idea to bring it back later.  It will likely be some massive expansion of the idea of Battletags.  To quote from Blizz regarding the Battletag notion:

    “In the future, BattleTags will be integrated into other Blizzard games and services such as World of Warcraft® and StarCraft® II (and their related forums and websites), and we look forward to sharing more about all of the ways they’ll help you connect and play in the months ahead. Stay tuned to Blizzard’s official community sites for further details.”

    I think Blizz plans to morph Battletags into a major facebook-for-gamers interface. 

  15. sry but this is just a joke in it self … shared MF … Facebook in games …
    after that 1 will have mf gear on him and the rest will crush all they see with eas ?!
    Blizz and ur fucking potcast can suck my balls! I realy hate what they have done with Blizzard Norths idea … 

  16. Flux, when is the next podcast? My dishes are stacking up and I refuse to do them till I have a podcast to listen to.

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