Diablo Podcast #206: Season Six Begins!

Season Six kicked off over the weekend and we discuss the fun. Rushing strategies, P500 in two days, the best new OP classes/builds, power creep increases, botters running scared, and more. Featuring N3rdwards, Muggs, and Flux.

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Diablo Podcast #206: Season Six Begins!

  • 3:00 — Season 6 Rush felt the same as Season 5? Muggs and N3rdwards share their rush strategies and Flux makes real life excuses.
  • 7:00 — Early power creep burst at 70 and UE Demon Hunter super powered?
  • 15:00 — Power Creep in early season GR… already +10-20 GR vs. this point last season?
  • 22:00 — Season Journey. No more avarice/avirita exploit… but no 8 Set Dungeons conquest makes up for it?
  • 26:00 — Long term Season 6 plans. P1000 or bust? Will all last season’s bot bans make a difference with people not cheating this season?
  • 30:00 — Cosmetics explosion. Sparrow Wings! Cain died for your stupid butterfly wings.
  • 41:00 — Season plans for new builds or strategies.

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    1. After some serious grinding I found Sir Williams yesterday which means I will never have to go to Whimseyshire again – hurray!

    2. Just to confirm, the rainbow portrait frame drops from the teddy bear Sir William NOT Evil Oliver as mentioned on the podcast. And apparently only in Whimseyshire NOT Whimseydale. So get that Staff of Herding out of storage adventurers!

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