Diablo Podcast #120 – Live from BlizzCon Day 1

Diablo Podcast Reaper of Souls at BlizzCon with IncGamersFlux took some time out from hogging the demo machine to have a chat with Diablo Podcast regulars Rankil and Neinball about the time they spent playing DiabloWikiReaper of Souls Adventure mode today at BlizzCon 2013.

Find out how all three got on and check back for the next instalment for more impressions from the show floor.

Tune in after the break where there’s our regular Youtube version and MP3 download links.

Keep an eye on the BlizzCon Coverage Section for the full transcripts (not bullet point lists) of the Diablo 3 Panels, videos, hands-on reports, photos, screenshots and more.


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  1. Awesome thanks guys 🙂

  2. No Diablo 3 Loot 2.1 patch yet?

  3. Great write up and podcast summary. Lots of new information! If you get a chance, could you find out if nephalem trails are still in game? Not seen any mention of them so far at Blizzcon & hoping announced content hasn’t already been quietly dropped is all!

    • are some of you simply not reading shit? there has been plenty of news about it so far including videos. read any of the numerous articles here posted yesterday.

      • I believe you are confusing what I’m querying with nephalem rifts (previously called loot runs) that have been extensively talked about at Blizzcon so far. Nephalem trials were talked about at Gamescon and are random portals that you can come across in the game world and have things like ‘waves of monsters’ type events for instance.

    • Chris, both are in there. The portals take you to crazy ransom dungeons… See the blizzard videos.

  4. Flux sounds really excited lol

    Were they giving out free Red Bull?

    • Excited ? It looks to me he even did not let Rankil finish most of his sentences 😛 .

    • Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • Just water and Pepsi in the press room. I had about 5 pepsis, alas.

      Friday morning I got up at 6 to drive up from San Diego to Anaheim before traffic, so it was a long day by the time I did these interviews. We’ll record a proper podcast sunday or monday.

      • And thanks to Elly for putting these together. I sent them in 4-5m segments so the video would be small enough to send via gmail directly from my phone, so she had to edit them into one thing and take out the crappy visuals of people walking by while we were talking.

  5. Flux on LSD is a fuuuuuuuuuuuun listen! 😀

  6. Know when you know so many things about the new stuff, you just can’t ignore the fact that Diablo III is really improving with massive steps in a right direction. Every new stuff is really cool, only 1 thing that matters now is 0 loot. If they will do the right things to the loot system, then Diablo III will be the best in its genre. I’ve played PoE recently, about ~80 hours, and I really like that even tho you don’t have the best gear with massive damage and stuff, you can still progress at a good pace throughout the game and feel satisfied. That’s what I miss from Diablo III. Diablo II had this, PoE has it, but if Diablo III will make things right – it will have it too. So fingers crossed, let’s see what information they will bring in today in their other panels.

  7. Kind of funny how you comment on ‘how amazing it is’ to not know what 3+ monster types you will get in the rift and how cool it is to see random monsters stuck together. That was the entire premise of D1 and it boggles my mind that it has taken this long to get this very basic randomization into D3.

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