A bunch of @Diablo tweets today, none of which actually advance our game knowledge. There seems to be an effort underway at @Diablo to cover more basic questions and get out more game general information, rather than answering the probing, new info questions of the type that people reading (or writing) fansites want.

    This probably makes sense, after all there are a lot more people who don’t know much about Diablo III than there are D3 experts, but it doesn’t mean we hardcore fans have to like it, especially when Bashiok’s made one forum post in like two weeks. After all, Blizzard already has a Diablo Facebook page to inform, or entertain, or at least provide a place to complain, for casual fans who are not actually following the game’s development.

    At any rate, here’s today’s output, by subject instead of chronologically, and question/answer color-coded, assuming I don’t forget one of the font tags again.

    We lost you for the last few days! Are you preparing something special for us say… for the 9th?—FingolfinGR
    Why the 9th?—Diablo

    Feb 9th, Blizzard 2010 4th quarter report. We are excited about it because last year Mike announced the SC2 beta.—kuangtuscw
    Ahh, I see. Thanks for clarifying.—Diablo

    Will players start off with the talisman or is it an articfact item they have to gain like the DiabloWikisalvage box?—Scyberdragon
    You do not start the game with the DiabloWikitalisman.—Diablo

    Will there be any differences in UI (other than skills/resource) across the five classes?—Jackzor24
    The DiabloWikiinventory DiabloWikipaper doll section is different art for every class/gender. It’s fairly simple though, no big differences.—Diablo

    Good morning! Any news on the male DH?—DonGuillotine
    Morning! He’s coming along.—Diablo

    So, there is a chance we might see him this month? Strong emphasis on ‘might’.—DonGuillotine

    Nothing’s impossible.—Diablo

    Actually, most things are impossible, statistically speaking. But it’s nice to see that @Diablo learned from its mid-January, “maybe next week” prediction for the male DH. Knowing to never confirm or even hint at a date for a future game-related event is an essential skill for all Blizzard employees engaged in any sort of PR or external communication.

    As for the Activision/Blizzard conference call on the 9th, the issue came up in our D3 forum last week and I’ve had my eye on the date with the intention of semi-live blogging it, as I’ve done twice in the past. (Q4 2009, Q1 2010.) You can listen in via the live stream if you so desire, but it’s not really recommended. These calls run for about an hour and exist chiefly to let the financial guys pump up ATVI to the financial press, and while they usually conclude with Mike Morhaime talking about B.net or Blizzard’s games, he just gives, “everything’s going great!” non-specifics.

    There’s never any actual game info or details, since that audience doesn’t want them. The best that can happen (from our point of view) is the announcement of a date for some upcoming event, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep hoping for the improbable, sudden announcement of a DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta test.

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