@Diablo got an early start this week,with a reply posted Monday morning.

    Two questions: In game mic chat support? Will there be a Special Edition game with some extras included? Thank you for your time.—IceMan20k

    Voice chat is a base feature of the new Battle.net platform, so it’s likely. We’ve not announced a collector’s edition.—Diablo

    Obviously there will be a D3:CE, with all kinds of bonus loots. What sort of bonus loots? Well that’s where the speculation comes in. Forum threads exist for that purpose, naturally. (Older threads on the issue are here and here, if you’re into forum necromancy.)

    Looking back at the SC2: CE can also be informative. It contained, an artbook, 2 GB flash drive modeled after Jim Raynor’s dog tag with the original StarCraft and Brood War expansion preloaded, behind-the-scenes DVD, soundtrack, comic book, unique avatar portraits, a unique model for the in-game Thor unit in multiplayer, and a World of Warcraft pet. Pictures here. Personally, I’m hoping for an art book with lots of concept art we’ve not yet seen.

    Incidentally, it might be a while for the next Facebook ransom payment. After clicking along at nearly 4000 a day a few weeks ago when this promotion/hostage situation began, the rate of “likes” is clearly slowing down. The last images came last Tuesday when they hit 600k, and it’s only advanced to 618,500 as of today. That’s around 3k a day, which means Thursday or Friday for the next update.

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