@Diablo has been busy today, answering a variety of questions on max skills, party skills, and even the Beta Test.

    How old is DiabloWikiDeckard Cain? —wryllevo
    Really old.—Diablo

    Bash said U can only have 7 DiabloWikiskills at a time, does that mean I can’t have skill points in an 8th skill or U can only have 7 on UI?—TheEliminator
    You can spend into seven skills at a time, total. These are active skills and don’t include passives.—Diablo

    With DiabloWikiAuras being so much apart of D2 both DiabloWikiMercs and DiabloWikiPaladin Skills, and no mention of Paladin Class for D3, Will we see auras in D3?—Soundguy99
    The monk has auras but they are more like active skills as they have instant effects as well as timed buffs.—Diablo

    Are there any other Skills Like that in the game, where 1 Player can “Passively”Help the Party without having to actually fight.—soundguy99
    There are skills here and there that will benefit the entire party, but if you’re not doing damage then you’re doing it wrong.—Diablo

    True but there is advantages in Co-Op games at times, to be more of a supportive and defensive role to your party, than attacking—Soundguy99
    I’m sure people will build characters will more defensive and beneficial skills than they’d normally take specifically for mp.—Diablo

    So is diablo 3 going to have a DiabloWikibeta I’m going to take a no reply as a yes—DrHighlen

    Replying. What do you think now!?!?   —Diablo

    Blizzard has beta tests for all of their games, since they need to like, test stuff. With thousands of users and systems. Hence the name. That said, it’s always nice to get another (sort of?) confirmation of that glorious, someday event.

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