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Trapped indoors by the ferocious SoCal heatwave, @Diablo is full of activities this Monday afternoon. Here are some brand new twittilizing tidbits on Diablo 3 skill-related topics, led off by forum and site regular, and twitter investigator The Eliminator, who gets, unfortunately, denied in his effort.

Will there be skill tiers unlocked by obtained a specific level, or will skills be picked a little more free form?—TheEliminator

You’ll see more when BlizzCon hits. Are you going? Watching the stream?—Diablo

How many skills, active and passive, will we be able to maximize with the 60 level cap?—Akamugin

It hasn’t been nailed down, but probably three, maybe four active skills at highest cap can be maxed out at 60.—Diablo

Runes, skill runes, spell runes, runestones. Which is it? What is the correct terminology—ScyberDragon

We’re going with runestones. For now! You never know. We like to keep you on your terminology-toes.—Diablo

with the seven skill limit, not including passives. Will runestones no longer turn passives into offensives skill—ScyberDragon

I think you’re confusing terms. An active skill is one that requires you to press a button to use it.—Diablo

I’m not sure what that last question was aiming for, since DiabloWikipassive skills have never been DiabloWikirunestone DiabloWikisocketable in D3; at least not any Bliz ever showed publicly. Only DiabloWikiactive skills. There are plenty of questions remaining about passives, of course, since we know that at least some of them are still in the game, but that you do not put skill points into them, and that they aren’t displayed in the main DiabloWikiskill tree (which is no longer a skill tree) with the 25~ active skills per char.

Theories abound as to how the passives will be accessed/activated, but as @Diablo said, they’re going to remain theories for another month, yet.

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