@Diablo on Skill Totals and WD Pets

With all the beta info coming in, I’d done my best to forget that @Diablo and Diablo’s Facebook pages exist. My D3 FB amnesia is still holding, but a helpful reader emailed to alert me to a useful tweet, and while investigating I found two worth sharing.

Is it possible to have the DiabloWikizombie dogs and the DiabloWikigargantuan out at the same time or is it one or the other? –Scyberdragon
It’s very possible. If you want to be all zombies all the time, more power to you. —Diablo

is it just me or does the barbarian have more skills than the rest? Balance? Or preference? –Crafty_Deluxe
Wizard has the most with 25, the rest have either 21 or 22. Currently. Abilities will likely change before release. —Diablo

So are they going to add more (high level, like DiabloWikiArchon?) skills to the other four classes to even things out? Or are they just going to snip off a few non-essential DiabloWikiWizard skills, before bringing them back in the expansion when all the classes get some additions?

Or should they add more skills to the other classes? If you’ve looked closely over the classes, have you spotted some holes in the current DiabloWikiBarbarian skills, DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills, and DiabloWikiMonk skills that need to be plugged? More defensive abilities? Varied elemental attacks? Movement skills? Party-boosting skills? Etc.

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29 thoughts on “@Diablo on Skill Totals and WD Pets

  1. Nice info. Thanks Flux!
    I have been wondering about the unequal number of skills for each of the classes since the datamined data was published. I really hope they give each class an equal number of both active as well as passive skills to even things out before release.

  2. From what I’ve seen and read so far, it’ll be pretty important to have a monk or WD in your party for the latter game. Both offer aura effects for +heal with certain runed skills. Could make both of them must haves for SC and HC late game. I’ve fallen in love with WD, looks so good! totally off my usual play style but I want to be involved!

    • Don’t forget about the Barbarian. He has really nice shouts to help the party. If you look at the rune effects, the Wizard and Demon Hunter also have powerful party-wide buffs, although less and more limited than the other three classes.

    • Na, the other classes should be fine on their own. The Barb has ridiculous leeching, regenerating and healing skills and DH and Wizard can keep their distance better than any other class. If you have a party with a good strategy you may not need a lot of healing; if you are in a random party, it’s probably gonna be more common.

  3. “So are they going to add more skills to the other four classes to even things out?”

    They didn’t say that the number of abilities will change. only that probably the abilities themselves will.

  4. I’d rather they add more onto other classes than taking them from the wizard… the only wizard one I wouldn’t mind them removing is familiar but the rest all seem too cool to remove… ><

  5. not impressed with the skills so far. some higher skills are too similar to lower end skills, and I expected much more dramatic effects from runestones

  6. I noticed sometinhg.
    The barbarian can have better chance of getting items with 2 of his skill with runes on it (22% and 20%).
    The DH can have more gold, 40% with one skill.
    All other classes have nothing that can do the same.

    • @ Drud – i dont see a problem there. if you sacrifice dmg and survivability – sure get some extra bling. why not. we dont even know how substantial these boni are at any rate. i dont think they are game breaking to a point where you need a item-hunt- barbarian if you want to compete at all.

      i still hate the 6 skill limitation –
      now that they revealed all skills and their rune effects – i see the reason behind it –  some classes are just superior with more skills – especially those with long cooldowns / buffs / summons.
      but i dont approve of the solution they have taken.

      i mean lets face it , every character NEEDS, certain skills. whereas other skills are absolute no brainer of awesomeness
      eg, i`d like to have like 2-3 spirit generator (combo attacks)  for the monk at a time – all these generator are situational. and eventually you cant cast them at the same time. thus even though your choice is bigger, the decision isnt necesarily of great significance. however – i personally would like to play a monk this way – because i`d love to alternate combos – it looks cool , feels great , and has style. but i doubt its very effective to take more than 2 combo generator at a time.
      but lets face it the variety of 3 or even more combo generator is no substitute for the utility you sacrifice for not taking a mantra / heal / offensive and defensive spirit spender.
      whereas the wizard is already frickin allrounder with a skill like magic missile ( singletarget) and desintegrate (ae)
      these are all skills a well played wizard needs to deal dmg . now you can spend 4 skill slots for  skills which have a completely other role and barely any ressource cost. eg;
      see how each of these skills  in combination with the passives does not interfere with one another ?
      i think thats one reason the wizard is so popular. you only need one high dmg arcane power spender. one without any cost at all,  and the rest is your own. if you follow this rule , you cant screw up a wizard build, because almost all cooldown and utility skills of the wizard are pure awesomeness. ( and she has alot of them )
      i hope that there will be some changes – i’d really love to play a monk with several combo skills in viable faishion.
      i hope they put in something like a passive which increases the potency of combo generator the more different ones you use.

      • I think their design philosophy is that no character NEEDS something.  Yes, they geared to be well-rounded, and your monk musings might be their “ideal” build.  But, from everything I’ve seen, you’re not going to be hemmed in, either.  You don’t want teleport?  Great!  You don’t want any mongrels?  Great!  You don’t want to cast any channeled spell?  Great!  Work on your skill combinations, and your build will work.  Maybe it’ll take you 10 seconds to mow through that pack of fallen instead of 5, but nothing seems to be 100% REQUIRED.

        • i can also choose to play a melee sorc in diablo 2, but dont have any illusions that you will ever be as effective as meteorb sorc of the same itemlevel. and thats my point.
          i just dont think that spirit generator for monk are very creative – game design wise.
          e.g. id love a rune effect which causes a combo skill (spirit generator) to cost spirit – instead of generating it. in return its significantly more powerful than its combo skill peers. while still maintaining the 3 phases of a comboskill.
          i hope there are still changes afoot – because i think some classes have more interresting passives / mechancics than other classes. regardless of how powerful they turn out to be.

          • I agree with you, in principle.  And I like the idea of “reversing” skill concepts to make them more unique/powerful/etc.  I wonder if it is a slow-growing character, and his skills all work in tandem in a way that feels very natural and fluid.  But it is not until you have all skills available that you really see his mechanic shine: very fast combat, quickly switching between skills that perfectly complement one another.  (wishful thinking?…)

  7. I don’t see the need to make every class equal tbh. Its neither a deal breaker or game breaker. People will have problems enough trying to play what they have.

  8. Don’t forget the runestones…they add to every skill 5 different effects, and level up with the char…so i don’t think we need other skills…maybe the wizard is overpowered?

    • My first thought on the of wizard (and barbarian) skills was that they have the least “options” in terms of variety.
      WD could be…be more spirit based, more physical based, more mongrel/pet based, more zombie based, more fetish based…
      Monk could be…more “supportive”, more ninja-y, more in-your-face action/combo-y
      DH could be…more trap based, bow-based, evasive, sniper-like
      But the Barbarian and Wizard have…what?  Barbarians have shouts, yes, but they destroy through”simple” melee combat.  Wizards can slow time, yes, but they eradicate the hordes through the use of ranged magical spells.  So, my interpretation of their number (of skills) was that they needed more of a variety of skills to effectively differentiate builds.

  9. I think WD needs some rune effect to enhance his speed whilst in spirit walk. Currently he doesnt have a ‘dashing’ skill like all of the other chars have. Unless I missed something

    • You’re right, my first thought when thinking about adding skills was that the WD doesn’t have a movement skill on par with teleport/vault/dashing strike/leap attack/furious charge. Spirit Walk seems more limited.

    • @Drud,
      Does that combination of skills you mention make the WD run faster?  😕
      I think without a speed increase of some sort, WD would be left with a bit of a cavity (even if he can clear snares and go invis and damage enemies with one skill). I’d like to see a WD duel a DH vaulting like a Circ du Soleil acrobat.

  10. From what i’ve seen in videos WD’s spirit walk is his movement AND CC BREAKER in one skill, thats one of the reasons he’s so versatile. In the description of the skill nothing is said aboud increasing movement speed while using it … did they remove this? I’m almost shure in one of the videos while some dev was explaining spirit walk they said he got improved movement speed while spirit walking.

  11. I also think that the WD needs one more heavy nuke spell he’s lacking in nuke department … i mean wiz has so many heavy nukes spells (desintegrate with rune, frost of ray with rune, metheor with rune so on) all of them deal HIGH amounts of dmg but for the WD his only REAL heavy nuke spell are bats and sacrifice wich does less dmg than for instance forcefull wave. Sacrifice being a very situational skill.

    Who knows … maybe hes just balanced that way, since he seems to have more survivability and versatility compared to the wiz. We cannot say anything for shure.

    • Remember that the wizard doesn’t have an army of minions to hide behind. The only thing standing between the wizard and the gates of heaven are a giant laser beam. (Save some mirror images, but you understand what I mean.)

  12. If I were king god developer.
    Wizard, fine.
    Doctor, a ranged permanent summon(s). Fetish dartblowers, acid spitting giant cobras, mutated quill rats, something like that.
    Barb, fine. Maybe a go to elemental skill for physical immune mobs. There are a handful of fiery rune effects, but not as many as I thought there would be.
    Hunter, another utility skill (like a barrier skill like Bone Wall), and another non-bow attack skill.
    Monk, he needs a lot of work on his traits, there are very, very few pure offensive traits at all. As for skills, he needs a couple of ranged skills (even the barb has a couple of ranged skills), and maybe one more escape.

  13. Still wondering, if its possible to keep up more than 4 Zombie dogs at once, supplied by Boogie Man, Devolution, etc.

  14. Been playing around with the skill calc and watching beta videos (what else is there to do, right?) and I keep disliking the 6 skill cap more and more.  I’m sure it’s dependent on your particular playstyle, but I was the type of person to get all the curse spells on my necro and have them all mapped to hotkeys for appropriate use in different situations – solo or party.  Same with a sorceress and having a number of additional skills to work with – if only not to be bored of meteorb repitition.

    On a wizard, I’d like to be able to use slow time or mirror image situationally, or teleport, while still having access to active armor enhancements and damage skills.  Too powerful?  Cooldowns or damages could have been adjusted… something.  On a summoning class, I’d like to have a range of summons, support skills and damaging skills.  You don’t need to be able to use every single skill, but a larger range allows for more adjustments.  Obviously these feelings may change as I actually get to play, but, man, it feels frustratingly restrictive.

    Actually, I would be happy if they had a ‘skill switch’ hotkey where you could configure multiple skills groupings (2 or 3) of the six active skills and switch them on the fly for dynamic adjustments based on a gaemplay situation.  Hmmm, yeah, I like that idea.  Just like weapon switch.

    • The monk lacks a real travel skill. Dashing strike is much too short and has a slight delay between recasts to make it a good travel skill. Nothing at higher levels really looks to be one either.

  15. Hi to all,

    My comment is that I sure hope they balance all classes so we have an equal number of skills and abilities available to all classes.

    That’s how it worked in Diablo II and I liked it that way. We could also use staves and wands etc on offhand to cast, e.g.,  Life Tap or some other spell or curse.

    I haven’t played Diablo I, yet.


  16. i want to know also i plan on making my build with zombie handler Boogie Man, Devolution also wondering if they resurrect has a normal zombie dog or what ever rune i have in my skill

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