With all the beta info coming in, I’d done my best to forget that @Diablo and Diablo’s Facebook pages exist. My D3 FB amnesia is still holding, but a helpful reader emailed to alert me to a useful tweet, and while investigating I found two worth sharing.

    Is it possible to have the DiabloWikizombie dogs and the DiabloWikigargantuan out at the same time or is it one or the other? –Scyberdragon
    It’s very possible. If you want to be all zombies all the time, more power to you. —Diablo

    is it just me or does the barbarian have more skills than the rest? Balance? Or preference? –Crafty_Deluxe
    Wizard has the most with 25, the rest have either 21 or 22. Currently. Abilities will likely change before release. —Diablo

    So are they going to add more (high level, like DiabloWikiArchon?) skills to the other four classes to even things out? Or are they just going to snip off a few non-essential DiabloWikiWizard skills, before bringing them back in the expansion when all the classes get some additions?

    Or should they add more skills to the other classes? If you’ve looked closely over the classes, have you spotted some holes in the current DiabloWikiBarbarian skills, DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills, and DiabloWikiMonk skills that need to be plugged? More defensive abilities? Varied elemental attacks? Movement skills? Party-boosting skills? Etc.

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