TheEliminator once again took to Twitter to wring some blood info from the stone that is @Diablo, with success.

    There is some confusion in the wake of the blizzcon panel, how many skill points we will end up with?—TheEliminator

    At least 59 just leveling to 60, but there’s a possibility a few could be awarded from quests. It’s not nailed down.—Diablo

    The “confusion” came from one of the devs suffering a live brainfart and saying that DiabloWikiskill points were awarded only every other level, ala DiabloWikiTraits. Happily this is not the case; you get a skill point every level up, and probably from some DiabloWikiquests as well, as Bashiok says. It’s traits that are only awarded every on the odd levels, though it won’t be a surprise if we get one/some of those from quest rewards as well.

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