@Diablo kept busy Monday evening with <140 character replies on a variety of issues. Quotes:

    Will stronger DiabloWikicharms take up more space in the DiabloWikitalisman grid? –DrHighlen
    They’re all 1×1, regardless of power. Although it would be interesting to introduce other shapes, there are no plans for it. –Diablo

    do you think too much hype can work against a dev as well?–luciferos
    I don’t know. Feel like we’re attempting to hype it too much? I think we’re just releasing information. Slowly but surely. —Diablo

    I love playing DiabloWikimultiplayer games, but sometimes I like to game on my own. Is DiabloWikisingle player in D3 less content than multiplayer? –snillum101
    You can take the same character and either invite friends to play with you, or don’t. It’s the same content either way. –Diablo

    One thing I’ve to run a vote on we voted on last October was the SP vs. MP issue. At the time a bit over 25% of you guys planned to play D3 SP/offline. Has that expectation changed over time? Our single player D2 forum has long been the busiest of all our D2 forums, and SP issues often gather quite a bit of discussion. So who’s planning to play D3 mostly or entirely in single player mode? Why? And is anyone who expected to play mostly SP in D3 now leaning MP, since you want to Arena, or use the shared stash (not confirmed as B.net-only, just my assumption from how Blizzard works these days), or take advantage of other new B.net features? (Or expect that other, yet-to-be-revealed online features of D3 will be even more compelling?

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