@Diablo on Shields and Armor Dyes

@Diablo made a couple of other replies today, on game issues.

Will set items and legendary items be dyeable? –A_question_4_D3
Indeed. –Diablo

How come there are no characters who can wear a shield in Diablo 3 (we exclude the barbarians, they are not shield friendly) –Hard2Kur
All classes can use shields in Diablo III. 🙂 Monk was questionable for a time, but they can now also use shields. –Diablo

Why were Monk shields questionable? Let’s refresh our memories from the DiabloWiki.net shields article, shall we?

Bruce Lee would not use a shield, and neither would the monk. –Bashiok

That post was in April 2010. Not four months later, we saw the DiabloWikiMonk star in the DiabloWikiArtisan Video… using a shield. Things do tend to change quickly, during game development.

Come to think of it, a “system” reveal about shields and blocking in D3 wouldn’t go amiss.

None of the developers have ever spoken about shields, but from what we can see in item hovers, D3’s shields are greatly changed from D2’s. Shields are no longer complete damage absorb, but instead merely reduce the damage taken by some value. (Bucklers are 6-10.) We don’t know anything about how blocking percentage is calculated, what the maximum values for absorb or percentage are, how blocking speed or recovery work, what sort of mods will be found on shields, what other methods have been included to make two-handed weapons more viable, etc. And sadly, I doubt we’ll find out until players do some testing and reporting come the beta.

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27 thoughts on “@Diablo on Shields and Armor Dyes

  1. going by that analogy, Bruce Lee would never use weapons either, so neither should the Monk.
    The only plausible arguement I’ve seen for Monks not being able to use shields is that they’re fast and agile, and are better off dodging attacks rather than tanking them. Other than that, they have as much of a right to use shields as Wizards have to use melee weapons. It may not be the class designers original intent for the class, but players will want to be able to do almost any sort of build with their characters, viable or not.

    • I recall on several occasions where Bruce Lee used a pair of nunchaku to kick some ass and I believe those are considered weapons.

    • Well considering staves and wands are melee weapons would you rather wizards be using bows/crossbows?

      Anyway… I think it’s ok for monks to be using smaller shields like a buckler or targe but imagining a high level monk with a high end shield which will most likely be a huge tower shield or something just makes me cringe… Same goes for the demon hunter…

  2. I think Bashiok’s comment on the monk using shields was more of a statement on how out of character it would be for the monk to use a shield.

  3. I doubt Bruce Lee wouldn’t use weapons. But whatever.
    Hope it’s true about different builds, but it may just turn out shields are a ‘must-have’ choice on Hell difficulty, that’s why every class can use it.

  4. I’m not satisfied with Bashiok’s answer. Of course everybody could use a shield. Heck, everyone in Diablo 2 could use a shield. But we are not taking literal meanings here. The bigger question is, why doesn’t the shield appear to be a good or obvious choice for any of the current classes?
    The Barbarian is the only one with shield skills for now. But would you really play a Barb using a shield? With most of his skill damage a percentage based on base damage, holding a bigger weapon would be the obvious choice.
    Wizard, Monk, Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter with shields?? Puh..leazz

    • oh interesting how you know all the skill dmg is an direct percentage of the weapon-damage ? tell us more you obviously play d3 for a while now. sounds totally legit.

  5. I haven’t, but we’ll see. Doesn’t take a lot to make that guess. If skills had fixed damage without base damage multipliers, then in time, everyone will be dealing more damage with normal attacks than say….a leap attack. The worst thing that could happen is finding a weapon which deals 2 times more damage but having all your skills still deal the same damage since they are independant of your base damage. We’ll see.

    • what if the dmg multiplyer (especially those for ae spells like earth quake) is based solely on your attack attribute ? what if there is something like a shieldbash ability which deals dmg based on attack*shielddef ? what if there is a something like a fury attack which multiplys your attackspeed in an exponential fashion , thus favoring fast weapons ? what if they normalize dmg multiplyer ( so that ability dmg is based on weapon dps and not on a single hit).
      you shouldn`t make assumption based on what you deem “for granted” , this is not diablo 2.

      edit: btw do we get something that indicates that a comment is a reply to another comment ?

  6. Captain America is a more agile, martial artist type fighter guy, and he uses a shield. How awesome would it be if the monk had a shield throw ability?

  7. @WhiteGiant
    You are the one making assumptions. The Barbarian skills have been listed on this website for some time. You can clearly see the inclination of the skills towards damage percentages.

    • yup all those leaked skills  from an alpha version are finals and not subject to change in any way. hell , even all rune effects will work in exaclty that fashion – especially those we have no clue of.

  8. I remain amused that despite this Bruce Lee quote coming out numerous times, I have yet to see anyone point out that Bruce Lee was not a monk, and is in fact very little like the D3 monk in size, fashion, appearance, style, regional origin, etc.

    • its not about the similarites in character and appearance  its about his combat style, and despite the fact that bruce lee was not a monk, the Monk has the same premisse, he is about Martial Arts, mastery of body and mind/spirit exploiting the weakness of the enemy, and creating defence through foresight with blocking / parrying / deflecting he is the equivalent of a jedi , they could die from a single blaster shot but before something like this happened they rather dodged / deflectet them 99.999% of the time (70% if they were not main character :X )

      whereas the other Melee class , the barbarian is the equivalent of Hulk, he just absorbs shots like they were nothing and and smashes everything in the same faishon, and if they dont die he smashes harder and more.

  9. Oh yes. All the X% damage skills will be changed to X damage. Keep telling yourself that

  10. I think it is likely the skills will be X% damage based.  And of course a barb with a 2H or 2 weapons will do more damage than one with a shield.  It’s a tradeoff though – the barb with the shield will have much better survivability.

    The question is the balance.  Is the defense increase good enough to make it worth the loss of offense.  IF Blizzard balances it right, the correct answer would be “it depends on your playstyle.”  Hopefully both options will be fully viable, but different in approach.

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