@Diablo sprang into action four and a half days early this week, with a couple of game-related tweets posted early Monday morning.

    How come the DiabloWikiBarbarian has to build up DiabloWikirage in order to use abilities..when other classes can spam them all day?—Nekrage

    Not all DiabloWikibarbarian skills require fury to use, and some even generate it.—Diablo
    And not all other classes can just spam abilities, they have DiabloWikiresource requirements too.—Diablo

    It’s been noted that you can track the boredom level of most Twitter users by their posting rate. Riding the train, computer crash at work, stuck in traffic, long line to pick up lunch, etc = Twitter time! I don’t know how well we can apply that to a work-themed account like @Diablo, but when I see tweets (and forum posts) on an early Monday morning, I can’t help but wonder what Bashiok was doing that motivated him to tweet at a time of day and day of the week when @Diablo is almost always quiescent.

    Mandatory HR presentation about new medical plans at Blizzard? Training class on new network protocols? Waiting for his flight to board at LAX?

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