Some juicy tidbits from @Diablo last night, covering DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills and some interesting infos about DiabloWikiresources. Added wiki links to the keywords, as always, for those who want additional info.

    sigh.so diablo you are gonna be on DiabloWikiconsoles. thats cool, for kids.. but what about directx11? after 10+years of d2 we deserve best—palobb
    It could be that some newer features are helpful and we do take advantage, but right now we’re running entirely in DX9.—Diablo

    If DiabloWikiArcane Power regen is always growing but max stays at 100, will you be able to cast nonstop at some point due to huge regen?—Grug
    There’s no current way to affect regen or cap. It may stay that way. But yes, if regen could be affected the cap would be too.—Diablo

    What about the other resources, DiabloWikiFury and DiabloWikiSpirit? Can the generation of those be increased? If not, what does DiabloWikiWillpower do?—Grug
    Excellent question! One we can’t answer just yet. Base stats are going through some re-scrutinizing at the moment.—Diablo

    What type of additional skills are you exploring for the Demon Hunter?—DonGuillotine
    It’s a bit early to discuss any additional skills as they’re all in early concept/design (beyond those shown at BlizzCon).—Diablo

    Do all of the DH’s traps need to be stepped on our breached or will there be some that target monsters like the Assassin’s sentries?—Scyberdragon

    She doesn’t have an arsenal of traps per se, it’s the idea of time spent manufacturing trinkets and gadgets to kill demons.—Diablo

    Either the Blizzcon info is already out of date, or @Diablo whiffed on the Arcane Power question, since at least 3 DiabloWikiWizard traits boost DiabloWikiArcane Power regeneration: DiabloWikiArcane Channeling, DiabloWikiEnergy Reserves, and DiabloWikiDrain Power.

    The question of moar DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills is being regularly kicked around in our DH forum, and additional traps are a common suggestion. After all, DiabloWikiSpike Trap and DiabloWikiShock Spike are pretty much, “stand on me and I will grind off your feet.” Effective, but only on very slow or stupidly-stationary enemies. Since the DH’s traps seem to be more mechanical or explosive than elemental, options like a crossbow turret or a grenade dispenser seem viable.

    I have no idea if that’s what @Diablo was suggesting with that confusing last reply, though. Was it meant as a lore-skewing way to say “No.” that the DH won’t have any traps that are auto-targeting?

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