@Diablo came to life this afternoon, carrying out what was practically a conversation with one valiantly-struggling fan. I’d never have thought this was an issue open to debate, but apparently it is. Should there be resets and new seasons on the Diablo III DiabloWikiBattle Arena ladder?

    will there be ladder resets for the rankings on PvP?—Scyberdragon
    Hrm, there’s no intent for design on something like what. Why do you think it would be useful?—Diablo

    without resets, new players would have a hard time getting up in the ranks as people who have been playing for years.—ScyberDragon
    Since it’s a personal progression system it’s not likely to be something where you’re looking at a leaderboard a whole lot.—Diablo

    after a certain amount of time (a couple of months-years) the ladder would probably rarely change as far as the top rankers.—Scyberdragon
    Potentially, but it isn’t really a competition in that way. I’ll concede a *shrug* though as most of it is in early design.—Diablo

    Well, are matches paired by ranking? New players (lower ranked) will never get to play older players (higher rank) cause the…—Scyberdragon
    Matches are paired by skill, which isn’t the same as personal progression.—Diablo

    well, how is skill quantified/paired then? I assumed you got #up rank based on how well you did therefore rank representing skill.—Scyberdragon
    Skill is quantified by your performance (win/lose) versus others. Your rank/personal progression always moves up. Think MW2.—Diablo

    then what is the rank for?—ScyberDragon

    A way for you to see your progress, compare against friends, and a way for us to (potentially) give some vanity rewards away.—Diablo

    Is it just me, or did anyone else never even consider the possibility that they weren’t planning regular new ladder seasons? I realize they want us to keep running on the “can has acheevementz!” wheel forever, but honestly, what’s the point in a ladder if it ossifies early on, and then never changes again even as the game evolves radically over the months/years? And no, “achievements are a personal measure so no one will look at the ladder anyway” is not an answer.

    At an absolute minimum, they must to reset the ladder when an expansion comes out and there are new classes added. (Not to mention all the new items, item types, skill rebalances, new traits, etc an expansion would bring.) You can’t continue a ranking system comparing apples to oranges. Much less oranges eaten months or years ago, in an entirely different orchard.

    As ScyberDragon said, you’ve got to shake up the rankings and fresh slate it from time to time, to encourage people to get back into playing, to try new builds, to respec their established char and go with a new approach, etc. Isn’t that straight out of the “keeping a game fresh and fun” instruction manual?

    If the Achievements/ranking/hours-played stat is so important, then allow characters to keep that permanently, but they’ve got to flush records and reset the season’s rankings periodically, as the game itself changes. There’s a reason that every professional and amateur sport on earth does that, while still keeping track of what teams did in the past. There’s a historical record of how many tournaments and majors Tiger Woods has won, but he doesn’t get to stay the top golfer on Earth forever without ever winning again. Neither should some dude’s Witch Doctor.

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