With all the real news for the past week+, it’s been nice to simply ignore the non-essential noob-themed filler that @Diablo sporadically coughs up. (I harbor similar desires for the impending irrelevance of the “old info with new words” that makes up the majority of blue forum posts, but that time won’t come until release, or perhaps the beta.)

    That said, now that the rush of new interviews and hands-on reports, and the big blue forum posts expanding on the new features, have slowed, we might as well catch up with @Diablo. Clap along, kids!

    Does the game allow private games as well as game searching? (like Diablo2) — MaxwellZierath
    Yes, yes, -and- there’s a matchmaker that will automatically help you find games with people on your same quest. —Diablo

    Is 10 characters per account still final? Or rather, more final than anything else Blizzard is doing right now? –grug16
    Less final than the witch doctor is a class, and more final than what happens to hardcore characters when they die in the arena. —Diablo

    so @Diablo 3 will require a constant internet connection? Another game I won’t be getting. And I was really looking forward to it… –notdix
    Correct, it’s a client/server based architecture (not too unlike World of Warcraft) so it will be online-only. —Diablo

    Diablo 3 required to be online to play, so much for solo questing, @Blizzard the mmorpg model does not fit the rpg model for gaming… –neotericity
    It’s online-only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play alone. And in fact it’s the default setting. —Diablo

    where will the servers be located? playing diablo 3 on a wow like ping for Australians will be #unplayable — duanedibly
    We’re looking to follow the StarCraft II server locations currently: Australia would default to SEA but have access to NA. —Diablo

    rumor has it this game is catered towards toddlers. i.e. no skill tree development. –dontplacateme
    Toddlers loved skill points actually (clicking the shiny button). We removed skill points because it makes sense for adults. —Diablo

    Whats taken the beta so long if its just a short demo? –drhighlen
    Amount of content is just one part of delivering, patching, and running a game. We’re working on it! —Diablo

    I remember reading a Bashiok quote once upon a time that said load times were so fast that they were close to nonexistent, much like Diablo 2. I don’t have the exact source but I think it was a few years back. Is this still the case? –Kloud135
    On my rather meager work computer, load times are very, very fast. —Bashiok (This is actually a forum post, but like a mean girl, I”m grading on length.)

    this is a good start, but also make items soulbound on use. Economy is going to end up just like d2 –foldberg1
    Don’t forget the Diablo II economy was largely affected by dupes. We don’t intend for that course to repeat itself. Assuming we’re up on our game on that kind of thing, and we believe we are, there shouldn’t be a huge glut of Windforce bows, etc Even 10 years later items that should be insanely rare among all Diablo II players are completely common due purely to hacks.–Diablo

    but over time won’t the best items always become saturated? Regardless of hack control? Won’t binding them on use resolve that? –foldberg1
    Absolutely, but let’s be crazy and say 1% of end game items are awesome. So if we have soulbinding we’re only taking 1% of drops out of the economy. 1% is ridiculous because the best items will be far, far rarer that 1%. 1% is common in how many drops fly out. But anyway… Of course keeping in mind 1% is a silly high number. —Diablo

    I’m not exactly despondent over the lack of soulbinding in D3, but that 1% figure is pretty irrelevant. Of course the very top items that might have been BoE wouldn’t have been1% of drops — more like .00000001% of drops, going by D2 drop table math — but since those are amongst the best items, they’re like 10% of the high level trading economy. Which is why giving them some kind of binding would make a big difference in keeping the softcore economy from stagnating over time. (I think Blizzard’s plan is to defeat that through a constant influx of new/better top end items, via patches and expansions. The same way that rare Executioner Blades and Gothic Bows became irrelevant the day D2X shipped.)

    A topic of debate during our RMAH DiabloWikiDiablo podcast recording last weekend deserves mention here. What effect would DiabloWikiBoE (so you could trade the item many times, but once it was equipped, it was never tradeable again) have had on item values in the Auction House? It seems like it would have had to drive up the value of those items, since would have been leaving the economy once equipped. On the other hand, would you pay as much (gold or DiabloWikiBobby Bucks™) for an item if you knew you could never resell it to recoup your investment?

    For the conspiracy minded, how about this? Blizzard removed item binding since they wanted to encourage more trades and lower prices in the RMAH, since they take a flat fee on trades, not a percentage.

    • Step 1) no item binding

    • Step 2) more trades of the same top items
    • Step 3) PROFIT.

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