@Diablo on Not-Zooming and Hardcore… something

@Diablo returned to action late Friday, with answered questions about Hardcore death and zooming. Nothing new here, but it was a slow week, so it’s nice to see some activity from the official channel.

Zoom. How much will we be able to DiabloWikizoom in D3 compared to SC2?—kiowa81

There’s no zoom feature planned beyond a slight perspective shift when engaged in conversations.—Diablo

What if your character is DiabloWikihardcore and dies. Can he be redirected by your teammates?—koolgam3r

Nope. In hardcore dead is DiabloWikidead.—Diablo

It’s early yet, but I think that “redirected” instead of “resurrected” is my favorite typo (word-o?) of the year. Maybe it’s not a typo, though? Maybe “Koolgam3r” there wasn’t actually asking about death, but about um… alternative career paths?

Perhaps a D3 expansion could implement some sort of professions mode, and dead HC chars could return to life in town where they’d work as weavers, or tanners, or indentured servants? Thus “redirecting” them to a new, less-dangerous, way of life? The male Barb has blacksmith written all over him. That or tavern ruffian.  Female Barbs would make ideal wives for Borat-like men, for they are very strong to pull plow. Male wizards would make excellent court pages or errand boys, while the female WD could go into the fortune-telling business. Any other suggestions?

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1 thought on “@Diablo on Not-Zooming and Hardcore… something

  1. RAAGGEEE!!! *Raging over d3 being a WoW clone*

    RRAAGGEE!!! *This game is casual and these bright pictures make me mad*

    I know! Lets have non death dueling, and unlimited lives in HC, its too scary 😐


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