Here are a couple of new posts from @Diablo, which may be sufficient to raise your flagging hopes.

    What’s next for you guys?—Scyberdragon

    Well the dev team is churning along. *I’m* trying to figure out some fun ways to release artwork I’ve procured. Hrm…—Diablo

    When can we expect to lay our eyes on the Diablo III Battle.net interface? I’m dying to see what it looks like!—AcidReign87

    Me too! —Diablo

    From the first tweet I conclude that Bashiok was very busy with other job tasks, since the question invites such a variety of sarcastic replies that I can’t believe he didn’t give into one of them. Hence I think he must have been very busy and without the time for jokes.  That aside, it’s good to know there’s new artwork, but um… since when does D3 artwork appear in a “fun” way? The fun of art is seeing the art. Do we need more than that?

    From the second tweet I conclude that the interface doesn’t exist yet, though they’ve surely got some ideas and working models. The new SC2 chat interface can be seen below, and you may enjoy referring back to a recent article with screenshots of the chat interfaces from every Blizzard game. Will D3’s just be what you see below, but red instead of blue? Can I at least hope for fewer CG faces staring at me?

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