@Diablo shared some more encouraging info today.

    Armor sets for all classes are coming along swimmingly, including all witch doctor and wizard sets now complete.—Diablo

    @Diablo previously told us about an epic Barbarian armor, as well as Witch Doctor armor variety. In fact there have been quite a few newsworthy Twitter updates over the past months; a fair number of them concerning armor.

    Other than the armor “news” there was some general @Diablo frivolity that I’m sure you’ll all want to share in. So I’ll quote it.

    Cheers for the awesome news, Bash! I and everyone else really appreciates such news so thanks for giving us such updates! —Akumagin

    Bash huh? I locked him away somewhere dark. I may consider bringing him back soon. —Diablo

    I thought it was Bashiok doing the twitter updates on D3? O.o—Akumagin

    There are a couple of us contributing on behalf of the Lord of Terror. Mwahaha!—Diablo

    I asked DiabloWikiBashiok about this some months ago, and he said that a number of CMs and some others on the D3 dev team have @Diablo access. He handles most of it, but others chime in as well, especially when there’s content or art info to be shared, straight from the developers. Like today’s armor info, presumably.

    Finally, there’s a girl on our Internets.Really. And she knows how to draw attention to her to double entendres. Share the excite?

    Every time you tweet I get really excited. (And that was not meant to be as inappropriate as it typed out to be, HAHA).—FeleciaDay

    Haha, I knew what you meant. Glad you’re excited!—Diablo

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