@Diablo kicked out a few replies today, without exactly burying us in new infos.

    There’s a significant lack of info about DiabloWikimercs. Anything new to share about their development?—Spiri7walker

    Indeed, and no. —Diablo

    any word on the DH’s resource system?—Scyberdragon

    No, you can stop asking. Will let you know when there is.—Diablo

    I’m dualwielding weapons with frost and lightning effects. If I crit with a skill will the mob get frozen or stunned (or both)?—Yabaddi

    It really depends on the skill and which (or both) weapons it would hit with. Assuming it’s a skill that relies on weapon damage.—Diablo

    do you enter pvp through battle.net (before entering the game) or is there a hub in-game like an npc you talk to?—Scyberdragon

    It’ll be handled through Battle.net, it’s a join-game function, just like single player/co-op.—Diablo

    I foresee an “DiabloWikiArtisans at Gamescom” style Merc-apalooza in our futures. How far in the future, I dunno. But at some point they’re going to roll out a reveal of this whole new mercenary system, and there will be rejoicing. The limited roll that DiabloWikiFollowers play in the game is just not going to be it for our teamwork with NPCs in the dungeons. Of that I am certain.

    Whether you regard this prediction as welcome or loathesome is up to you. I’ve seen a surprising (by which I mean more than zero) number of forum posts and comments from people who didn’t like Mercs in D2 and don’t want them to return in D3. Why not? Unnecessary and annoying added complexity? Of unequal use to the different classes? Interrupts your ideal “solo hero against the forces of darkness” metafictional narrative?

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