@Diablo coughed up a couple of very short replies today, and while neither is any new game info, at second one is worth discussing. Perhaps those of you who are incensed by the recent lack of new info can use this one as a brief distraction from using the other main page threads to complain about the lack of game news?

    Will Diablo III run natively on a Mac?—BartimaeusvUruk
    It does indeed!—Diablo

    Fun question: Will I be able to explode my opponents guts and body parts all over in PvP arenas? Or will they stay whole?—AcidReign

    You frighten me.—Diablo

    As for the corpse exploding, the answer so far is no. Corpses in the Arena are subject to the same ragdoll physics as other junk; spells and skills will knock them around and seldom did corpses remain in place for long in the Arena games I played at Blizzcon. But they didn’t burst like old pumpkins; they just got blasted into orbit, vanishing entirely over the side of the Arena area. You can see this a few times in the official and fan-recorded Arena video, all of which is embedded in the wiki Battle Arena article.

    Since I always thought player corpses should have been (visually) violatable in Diablo II (Corpse Explosion, Find Item, etc would have splattered them, forcing chars to click on the mess to loot themselves), you’ll be unsurprised to hear that I like AcidReign’s idea. How about corpses are given much more “weight,” and made so that spell effects move them, but slowly and grudgingly, while leaving a trail of blood behind? Minor spells would push them a bit, bigger ones would knock them a long messy way, and huge impacts, like a Meteor slamming down right on a body, would completely splat them, like Corpse Explosion.

    How about it? Do you want player corpses to be more solid and visible and gruesome in the Arena? Or is that pointless (not to mention tasteless) since the Arena is about PvP action with live enemies, and any greater interaction with the dead ones would just be a distraction?

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