@Diablo replied on numerous issues on Thursday, but the most questions, by far, were about items. Here’s all of them, grouped for easy access and comprehension.

    Any chance of seeing some more pictures of class sets (or anything!) as we got before Blizzcon?—elrufa
    I guarantee it. There are only so many sets though. We don’t want to ruin all the fun of completing a new set you hadn’t seen before—Diablo

    I really hope Whirlwind barb is still in for @diablo 3? i got a pre order pending since 2008—spinalc0rd
    WW is making a return, but builds work quite a bit different. I don’t think classes will be easily defined by a single skill.—Diablo
    As per the builds working differently, I wanted to ask if certain items would grant unique active, or procable skills/buffs.—NocturneGS
    Weapon and item procs are definitely in, but won’t be as crazy to grant full class skills.—Diablo
    Awesome. But more specifically, are there active skills on weapons? Items a la WoW were activateable. Is that in consideration?—NocturneGS
    Ah, on-use items? No, we want the number of buttons to press kept to a minimum. No Use: trinkets in Diablo III. —Diablo

    can you tell me something about the salvage cube? beside that, why you changed the shape to something like the horadric cube?—gavilanex
    It’s awesome. To make it look awesomer.—Diablo

    If you have runes in each of your skills, is it worth picking up runes that aren’t a higher rank? Ignoring sharing with alts.—Grug16
    Yes. Very likely they’ll be salvageable. They might salvage to materials you can’t get elsewhere…—Diablo

    I know weapon properties are random but how many actually weapon models are in the game i.e. how many type of swords etc.—DrHighlen
    A lot. We’re still making them, and will continue to make as many as we can.—Diablo

    Will each class have some sort of moving armor? I dont see how that would fit with the Barbs look even tho it goes fine with the WDs—Jackzor24

    It was something cool to try out with the witch doctor. We could expand on it, if it makes sense.—Diablo

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