@Diablo got busy yesterday, with a variety of replies on various issues. Quotes, sorted for coherence.

    Will there be an option to turn on item names on the HUD? So we don’t have to run around holding alt anymore….—AAlexanderK

    We have a couple options. Default is that names show immediately upon drop, fade away, and you can show them again using alt.—Diablo
    The other option is the classic Diablo II style. We don’t have an always-on option. Sounds messy, could be interesting.—Diablo

    Any info about how the trade system will work? Will there be a complete system where we won’t rely on forums or set up trade games?—afcmrp

    Not yet, but it’s something we’re deeply involved in developing.—Diablo

    Will there be some kind of spectator mode for PvP Arenas?—elrufa

    It’s a wish list item, same as replays—Diablo

    What’s the toughest mix of monster attributes in your opinion?—ScyberDragon

    It really varies per class and build. If all you have is melee skills anything that can keep its distance is brutal.—Diablo

    How is the Barbarian’s “DiabloWikiRevenge” skill nowadays? It was annoying that you had to watch your hot bar for when it was available.—Grug

    That WAS annoying. It has a chance to proc automatically now when the barb is hit. You’d want to avoid DiabloWikiDodge with a revenge build.—Diablo

    Weather in D3! Will we see changes in weather in D3 like in D2 – rain, snow hail? Or anything like this.—kiowa81

    We have awesome weather effects. They’re set to specific areas, so it will rain in some places but not others. Makes sense, right?—Diablo

    Not to be all cynical all the time, but when the PR representatives for games that have unlimited budgets and six (twelve?) year development cycles say that useful features are on the “wish list,” my BS detector dings right to the “saving it for the expansion” setting. Happy to be proven wrong, though.

    There a lot of interesting stuff in the other questions, though.

    The boss modifiers issue is a good one for discussion. The tweeted question is too vague, though, since it’s unclear what “toughest” means. Hardest to kill? Most likely to kill you? Most annoying and likely to be parked somewhere and left behind? We’ve got all 19 (known) monster modifiers listed on the wiki page, along with some player testimonials to whet your appetite. Vampirific is the most annoying mod yet, since they leech back full health so quickly. I got an Extra Fast Doppleganger Desert Wasp at Blizzcon 2009 that had me chanting “hold still and die!” under my breath. Teleporting ranged attackers are nearly as vexing, especially if they get Ballista or Multishot.

    Also, the change to the Barbarian’s DiabloWikiRevenge is welcome. It sounded like an automatic skill in the description at Blizzcon 2010, but when you used it… bleh. The skill allowed you to make a very quick spinning melee attack, but you had to have 1) enough DiabloWikiFury, and 2) had to use it shortly after you were hit by a melee attacker. Basically you’d fight normally, but as the tweet says, with one eye on your DiabloWikiinterface, waiting for the little black-and-white Revenge icon to turn colored, which let you know you’d been hit and could now trigger it. Once. After which the icon would go back to B&W for the cooldown, and you’d go back to watching your belt during combat.

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