DiabloWiki@Diablo threw a combo-breaker into the endless hashtag promo stuff, and replied to actual game info questions Wednesday evening. This post quotes the interesting stuff about item colors, attributes, and more.

    Are legendary items still purple? Oh come on bring back golden items, like it was in previous 2 games… Rare items can be purple..—SpykeKillah

    DiabloWikiLegendary items are orange. DiabloWikiRare is yellow. DiabloWikiMagic is blue. DiabloWikiRunestones are purple. DiabloWikiQuest items/lore is green.—Diablo

    I know DiabloWikidefense reduces damage. But does it reduce damage of magical attacks as well? Or do DiabloWikiresistances play a part in that?—AcidReign87

    Defense breaks down to DiabloWikiblock, DiabloWikidodge, and DiabloWikidamage reduction, there are individual elemental resistances, and DiabloWikiarmor for DiabloWikiphysical.—Diablo

    What were the core DiabloWikiattributes in D3 again? I seem to have forgotten…—AcidReign87

    DiabloWikiAttack, DiabloWikiPrecision, DiabloWikiDefense, DiabloWikiVitality, DiabloWikiWillpower.—Diablo

    Why isn’t Willpower called DiabloWikiEnergy?—Grug16

    It’s a bit more flavorful.—Diablo

    Will DiabloWikigems function differently according to what type of item you put them in?—MultiKillGaming

    Yes. Weapon/Helm/Everything else.—Diablo

    We don’t have the final list of socketed items in D3, but we know at least six item types that will have holes. DiabloWikiWeapons and DiabloWikishields, plus DiabloWikibody armor and DiabloWikihelms for sure. Belts and boots were said to be socketed previously, and some other armor types are also possibilities.

    See the DiabloWikisockets and DiabloWikigems wiki articles for many more details and some known socketed gem bonuses, and note that shields fall into the “everything else” category, in terms of socket bonuses.

    Sure are a lot of changes in item colors from D2 (but not so many from WoW). Check the items article in the wiki for the full list. Set items, not mentioned in the tweet, are green. DiabloWikiCrafted items are blue/yellow/orange/green, depending on the output of the DiabloWikirecipe. There are no plain socketed items as there were in D2, since sockets are granted/treated like magical modifiers in D3. 

    Personally, I’ll miss golden unique items. The name change to legendary is pointless, but I can overlook that. But the color! First all, just the word, “golden” is an adjective that means “awesome.” What does “orange” mean, other than a word that nothing rhymes with? Why didn’t they change Rares to orange? No one gave a damn what color they were anyway. Or pink, or plaid, or whatever, if yellow/gold were too similar? This should be the real color controversy. I want back that classic golden hue we’ve all been trained to covet.

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