As it/he/she/they did yesterday, @Diablo has issued a couple of replies today that tell us nothing we didn’t already know, but that might at least spur some conversation.

    If someone is accepted into the closed beta will he/she find out via email?—Utjoe09z

    When/if there is a beta you will know because we’ll announce it on our official sites. Until then be wary of scams.—Diablo

    Do you know if we’ll be able to create male and femal toons on diablo 3?—Majoraboy6

    All classes are available to play as either male or female.—Diablo

    This spurs two questions.

    Does anyone not hate the use of the word “toons” to refer to game characters? Where did that come from? Who can I blame for propagating it? Does this stem from WoW, like seemingly ever other Diablo III malady?

    Has fake and spam email gotten to the point that you will no longer believe any announcement you receive in your inbox? I don’t think there’s any official or automatically-generated mail that PayPal or Blizzard could send me that I would believe, with the amount of fake ones I’ve received over the past years. I saw countless scam emails in the Diablo II days, but they were always such clumsy forgeries that they were more comical than threatening. Needless to say, digital thieves have stepped up their game over the years. I’ve been sent hundreds of emails about my WoW account, many of them perfectly formatted and virtually identical to a real Blizzard email… aside from the fact that I’ve never had a WoW account.

    Is the solution to make special emails for important things; financial sites, Diablo III accounts, etc, which you keep clean by never use for anything else, never send to your friends with their trojan and hand-infested email harvesting zombie computers, etc?

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