@Diablo has been active today, with several replies about various issues. They’re quoted below, with the question in white, the reply in blue, and are sorted by topic for easier making to the conversation following logically plus links wiki for more infos.

    Will DiabloWikigems give the same bonuses they did in Diablo 2?—illthegreat

    No, they’re all pretty much different. Elemental damage comes from DiabloWikienchantments now, for instance.—Diablo

    since you reworked stats to benefit all classes will gems be treated in the same manner? bc D2 gems in DiabloWikiweapons didnt benefit casters—illthegreat

    There is a “caster gem” for weapons. Potentially two depending on your build.—Diablo

    DiabloWikiZoom. How much will we be able to zoom in D3 compared to SC2?—kiowa81

    There’s no zoom feature planned beyond a slight perspective shift when engaged in conversations.—Diablo

    no zoom? then why there’s zoom in first gameplay trailer? (watch 1:27-2:23)—spareribs17

    We did have a zoom function back in 2008. It was removed shortly after.—Diablo

    Has allowing 8 or 10 DiabloWikiskills instead of 7 ever been seriously considered? 7 just seems so few to me…—yovargas

    Of course. Everything is seriously considered.—Diablo

    can DiabloWikirunes be swapped when ever or do you need an DiabloWikiartisan to equip/swap out runes?—Scyberdragon

    Restrictions are likely for when/where you can change them.—Diablo

    Attending this week?s Game Developer?s Conference? Be sure to check out our career booth (#2432)—Diablo

    How about you hire me for your programming team? =O—K73SK

    We have openings on our jobs page. Check em out.—Diablo

    We know most of this already, of course. The first question covers the only topic that remains fairly mysterious; DiabloWikienchant. It’s something the DiabloWikiMystic does to items, there are a fixed number of different enchantments, and you can (apparently) find new ones that may or may not be useful for your particular character. They’re not related to gems though, which makes the @Diablo reply kind of confusing. You can enchant an item that is or is not DiabloWikisocketed or gem’ed, and the bonuses have no relation to each other… as far as we know.

    Nothing is known about the types of bonuses enchanting adds, if they are permanent to that item, if they can be replaced or switched around, how much they cost, if they are at all random, what item types they can be used on, if the Mystic learns more as she levels up, if there are enchant DiabloWikirecipes to be found like DiabloWikicrafting recipes, etc. Did I mention the mysteriousness?

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