The most interesting tweet from DiabloWiki@Diablo on Wednesday evening concerned changes they’ve made to the traits. Here’s the quote, and thanks to KuangTu for the tip. Check his forum thread for an ongoing discussion of this issue.

    What is the max number of Trait points that we get once we reach the level cap?—Spiri7walker

    We give them out every 3 levels, the first one at level 3, so 19 trait points are available to spend at level 60.—Diablo

    And will there be any quests, which are not required for main story progression, that will award you additional trait/skill points?—Spiri7walker

    Currently all skill and trait points are metered out purely through gaining levels.—Diablo

    We first saw DiabloWikitraits in the Blizzcon 2010 demo. At that time characters earned a trait point every-other Clvl, and there were a lot of traits. Over 30 for the Wizard/WD/Barb, the three most developed characters. (There were 21 DiabloWikiMonk traits, and only 5 for the newly-added DH.) Traits maxed out at 1, 3, or 5 points, but as the devs have stressed, every trait point spent provided a substantial bonus.

    Now that we know at least three traits (and probably more) have been removed, and that chars are earning a trait only every third level, that seems to indicate fewer total traits, all which will have to be quite useful to be worth one of your very limited trait points. If you only get to spend one every three levels, and you only get 19 of them for your character’s entire life span (until the first expansion = Max Clvl 70) every one of them better be damned impactful. With so few of them, it’s quite possible that your traits will wind up being as or more important than the skills, runes, or items in shaping your character.

    Also, could they really *not* include skill/trait points as quest rewards? None at all? Now that would surprise and disappoint me. Quest rewards that grant exp, gold, items, crafting recipes, etc, are fine. But I want that *WHONG!* of a instant skill point(s), at least once per difficulty level!

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