Diablo on Facebook, Part II

As we reported last week, Blizzard has opened up Facebook pages for all of their games, and their community managers have been busy fleshing them out with content. Looking over the Diablo FB page today, since Bashiok was silent in the forums and on Twitter, I see that they’ve added all of the Diablo 3 movies, and a fair amount more screenshots and artwork. I also note that Facebook has a much larger user base than Twitter: there are 20,121 fans of the Diablo FB page in a week, while their Twitter followers number just 21,829 after two months of regular updates and cross-platform pimpage.

At this point it seems clear that Blizzard is committed to promoting their products through various social media platforms. They’re releasing regular status reports through Twitter and FB, and they answer more questions through Twitter than through their own forums. Of course I think it would be nice if they included the fansites in their outreach program, but they can’t entirely control the message that way, so while they never link out, we do get the occasional awesome interview opportunity.

What do you guys think of their approach? Do you feel that Blizzard is more engaged with the fans and accessible via FB and Twitter, or would you prefer they ditched the semi-daily small updates and stuck to releasing screenshots and content updates via the official site?

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1 thought on “Diablo on Facebook, Part II

  1. Funny stuff.  We used to get that show over here in the UK (daytime telly) but I’ve not seen it in years.  If ever I caught it while channel hopping it always got hooked me in. I think it was his dulcet tones as well as his seeminly easy painting techniques.

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