Continuing their movement into every form of social networking, Blizzard has opened up Facebook accounts for each of their gaming worlds and announced them through their Twitter feeds. You’re already following Diablo. Now you can be his friend, too!

    I had some experience with Twitter before Blizzard leapt into that arena, and the movement of corporations into the technology was well-established, but I honestly have no idea what good a Facebook account does them. The Diablo FB page has some screenshots and concept art but nothing new.

    As far as I know, FB is used by people who wanted to stay in contact with their real life friends, or by people who don’t have a real website and want a cheap/easy way to post their personal information online. I’ve never used it myself, and my first hand knowledge comes mostly from a former girlfriend who used it and wished she could quit since it was such a time sink and she kept getting sucked into drama about how Kristin wrote on John’s wall but didn’t reply to Steve when he wrote on hers, and then Kelly said she should have, and Kristin got pissed since Kelly was a flirt anyway, and then her friend Beth joined in. That bitch! Etc.

    I do know that that lots of 20-somethings post TMI status updates on it and almost get fired because of them, and there’s some great humor to be found as well. (Click through for a few samples.) But what’s Blizzard going to do with these accounts, as a corporate entity? I have no idea. If you do, or just want to vent, feel free to share in the comments.

    A few of the most popular examples from Lamebook.com and elsewhere.



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