@Diablo shared some interesting facts today.

    There has been a lot of talk about mechanical skills for the DH. What about her more demonic-type skills? -Scyberdragon
    Demonic influence is more flavor. First and foremost it’s a ranged class.—Diablo

    Are we going to have a glimpse at Act 3-4 environments, or will they be kept from us until release?—FingolfinGR

    We have actually shown brief glimpses of Act III already at BlizzCon, and will probably show a little more.—Diablo

    OMG! The DiabloWikiArena is Act Three! This is their solution to players zooming through the content too quickly, especially in Hardcore mode. Only one out of every six Hardcore characters will ever live to see Act Four!

    No wait, that can’t be right. The 2008 and 2010 PvM demos were set entirely within the dungeons below the Tristram Cathedral, plus a little bit of the Leoric Highlands, which also seems very Act One-ish. The 2009 demo was set entirely in the desert outside of Caldeum, which is all Act Two. We don’t know what Acts 3 or 4 will look like, but they have to be more different from Acts 1 and 2 than that. Don’t they?

    Of course @Diablo didn’t say we’d “played” in Act Three. Just that we’d seen it. It must have been during the panels, and the obvious answer is… DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep. They did a whole long demonstration of the making of that area during the DiabloWikiCrafting Sanctuary panel, and it’s widely assumed (by me at least) that Act One is in and around DiabloWikiTristram, Act Two is in the desert around DiabloWikiCaldeum, and Act Three is in the frozen north Barbarian lands around the DiabloWikiArreat Crater. Which includes Bastion’s Keep, where we fight off a huge horde of invading demons.

    The natural progression from there seems to be down into the Burning Hells, to attack the source of the demonic invasion. Or would that be just too cute/too much of a re-creation of Diablo II?

    Click through for a bonus blue quote on the style and structure of Diablo III’s acts.

    Diablo III’s Acts

    The only detailed quote on the subject that i know of came during an interview we did with DiabloWikiKevin Martens and DiabloWikiJulian Love at Blizzcon 2009.

    Diii.net: Can you tell us something about the game?s act structure? Will D3 repeat the rigid structure of D2, where players move from one location to another in each act?
    Kevin: We do have acts, but we can?t speak yet about their structure. We?re still working with the sort of different material you?ll see inside each act.

    Diii.net: I was thinking more about the content of each act. If they?ll have such a clear, continued theme as they did in D2? In that game, you knew exactly which act you were in from any level in the act. Will D3 be that thematically rigid?

    Kevin: We have strong themes to the acts in D3, but not as related as they were in D2. There is more variance in D3 than there was in D2. Sometimes the very strong relation between areas is good, but it can also be bad. We want more variety in each act in D3.

    Julian: Sometimes in D2 we stuck with the same thing for too long. The backgrounds could have used more changes. For example, look at the Catacombs in Act One. When players reached them it was about the third time they?d seen a very similar dungeon type, and I think in that case that ?beat? was too slow in the game. We want to keep a more rapid progression between different level environments in D3.

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