@Diablo announced a new Demon Hunter “toy” last week, with a tweet about Sentry.

    Demon Hunter is getting a few new toys. One of the coolest has to be the Sentry.?Diablo

    No details were given, but that didn’t stop you guys from dropping more than 40 comments in short order, speculating on what it might do and how it could compare to the obvious parallel, the D2 Assassin’s various traps. Today @Diablo has replied to a question about the skill, with a bit more info for us to sink our bicuspids and incisors into.

    So the Sentry was given to the Demon Hunter. Is this identical to the Assassin’s sentry? I’m dying to know how runes change it.—NocturneGS

    The assassin sentries were more like stationary magic dispensers. The demon hunter sentry is more like something a spy would sap.—Diablo

    Does that clear it up for you?  Me either.

    A sapper is a military technician, the type of digs trenches and lays mines and in the medieval/fantasy type setting, they undermine fortifications and help break into castles. During the Crafting Sanctuary panel at Blizzcon 2010, the D3 team referred to “demon sappers” breaking into the lower levels of the fortress, when talking about DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep.

    So… what’s something “a spy would sap?” Maybe that means more like land mines or fortifications, e.g., the sentry becomes an object that the demons attack, while fighting back against them? Like a stationary Golem or Valkyrie, or perhaps an Amazon Decoy with defensive abilities?

    Update: etb513 clears it up in comments:

    “A spy would sap” is a reference to Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Spies sap Engineer-built sentry turrets. So in other words, they’re implying that the sentry is something that shoots baddies automatically.

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