@Diablo on Damage Types and Resistances

Some interesting stuff today from @Diablo about damage types, resistances, Macs, and other sources of ill and woe.

any change in the range of damage types to include holy, shadow, voodoo or anything else to match the classes?—Scyberdragon
Damage types will likely change some but are currently DiabloWikiPhysical, DiabloWikiFire, DiabloWikiLightning, DiabloWikiCold, DiabloWikiPoison, DiabloWikiDisease, DiabloWikiArcane, and DiabloWikiHoly.—Diablo

Whats the difference between poison and disease damage?—WickedBubba
Disease has a damage debuff (both intake and output), and poison has a health debuff (regen/heal). Subject to change of course.—Diablo

Is there much difference between poison and disease? They’re both internal maladies that hurt over a period of time.—Grug
Fairly significant in their difference, but both countered with a single resistance. Damage/resists aren’t design complete though.—Diablo

Will my friend and I be able to play together via battle.net? (he has a mac, I have a Dell inspiron)—Nik_Pecheos

Yes, everyone logs into the same realms regardless of PC/Mac.—Diablo

Holy damage is another one worth wondering about. It’s listed for a number of DiabloWikiMonk skills, but nothing is known about it. Can it be resisted? Does it do extra damage to DiabloWikiUndead?

Also remember that DiabloWikicritical hits are possible with every damage type in D3, and they all come with various bonus effects; stun, chill, silence, etc. See the DiabloWikiCombat article for info on those and lots of other related issues.

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