@Diablo was a busy boy on Wednesday, tweeting replies on a variety of subjects. There’s nothing *new* but some weeks we don’t get any blue words at all so let’s enjoy the non-silence and save it up for future droughts.

    What is the next big event you guys will be at to talk about Diablo 3?—Scyberdragon

    We haven’t announced any events except DiabloWikiBlizzCon. But if we do we’ll definitely be on the tweeterspace letting you know.—Diablo

    How’s the DiabloWikiGargantuan for the WD looking?—MultiKillGaming

    Amazing. Almost too cool to be a class skill.—Diablo

    how are the DiabloWikibosses coming along? Are they all as awesome as the DiabloWikiSiegebreaker, or *gasp* awesomer?—Vulcaino

    Way awesomer.—Diablo

    Say I found an item in D3 that pwned, then it was nerfed in a patch. Would I still keep that pre-patch item? Or would it disappear?—AcidReign87

    You’d keep the item of course. It would simply be changed to reflect the alteration made to it in the patch.—Diablo

    The question about the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills, especially the summoning ones, resonates loudly for me. We’ve seen DiabloWikiMongrel in every demo and gameplay movie, and DiabloWikiZombie Charger showed up in BlizzCon 2010, though it’s more of a weird sort of poison (DiabloWikiZombie Bears!) attack than a minion. The WD’s other minion skills remain entirely shrouded in mystery, though.

    They sound cool in the skill descriptions; and while DiabloWikiGargantuan will be fun to see, I’m much more curious about the Fetish summoning skills. I want to see what the creatures summoned by DiabloWikiFetish Army look like, and how their DiabloWikiHex and DiabloWikiPit of Fire skills look. Darker and more menacing than they did in Diablo II, with any luck.

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