DiabloWiki@Diablo lurched back into action yesterday, with a variety of <140 char missives for our enlightenment and entertainment. Here's quotage of the more relevant game stuff, sorted by topic/thread for ease of consumption.

    Whew, you’re alive. Now, Why do we only know details about the DiabloWikiBlacksmith? Are the other two still WIP’s?—Scyberdragon

    Details, you mean as far as the specifics of what each DiabloWikiArtisan can do for you?—Diablo

    More like how they work. What DiabloWikimaterials do they need to create DiabloWikigems, DiabloWikirings, DiabloWikienchantments, DiabloWikicharms? How do they level up? Why?—Scyberdragon

    Mostly DiabloWikicrafting revolves around DiabloWikisalvaging, although not entirely. Details on leveling up/specialization, we’re not saying yet.—Diablo

    Will materials have their own DiabloWikiinventory, or will they be the charms of D3 and take up a lot of bag space when you have 20 different types—Theeliminator2k

    They take up bag space, but they stack pretty high. You also have a crazy amount of possible storage space in Diablo III.—Diablo

    Will DiabloWikiwaypoints spoil all the locations in the act? It was annoying in Diablo 2. On that note, are they going to be easier to find?—Grug

    Spoil all the locations… hrm. What do you mean?—Diablo

    Waypoints in town told you where all the others were. EG Act 2 WP spoiled the Palace Cellar/Arcane Sanctuary/Canyon of the Magi.—Grug16

    Ahhh, right. That was annoying. No, waypoints do not appear in the list until you discover them. —Diablo

    Can we get some more pictures of the UI?—Grug

    UI is under some decent iteration still, looking better than ever, but not at a stage we’d show it off just yet.—Diablo

    The info about material types and stacking is a topic that’s been up to debate lately. As The Eliminator says, materials are more or less “the charms of D3” in that every char will have stacks of all of them, taking up some inventory space. I don’t think that’s a horrible thing, though. As you can see in the pic above, which shows the near-final inventory/paper doll, the inventory is pretty damn big, and the 1×1 stacks of 8 or 10 types of materials won’t exactly fill it.

    Also, as common as most of the materials seem to be and as constantly as we’lll be crafting the junk we find, I think players with inventory space issues will store max stacks of all the common materials; DiabloWikibone, DiabloWikiwood, DiabloWikiCommon Scraps, etc, in their stashes, and will only carry stacks of the rarer DiabloWikiSubtle Essenses type materials in their inventory. Let’s hope for a an interface wheel like HGL had, so you can delete anything from your inventory with two quick clicks, rather than having to click and drag to dump the useless common materials every time you salvage?

    Click through for a few other new @Diablo tweets of less newsworthy status.

    you know you’re obsessed with @diablo when you repeated misread the words ‘three prime areas’ in a report as ‘three prime evils’—hereticlious

    Better to be safe than sorry. Get an axe.—Diablo

    Will there be achievements?—AAlexanderK

    Oh sure.—Diablo


    When we believe we have completed all reasonably intended tasks and features at a sufficient quality expectation.—Diablo

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