@Diablo had perhaps its busiest day ever on Thursday, so many it’s taking us multiple posts to include them all. This is the one you can most safely ignore, since it collects the questions you already knew the answers to.

    please include a history feature for shared stashes, because i want to know which Ā»friendĀ« took my friggin’ big sword!—iamarnold_com
    The stash is shared between your own characters, it’s not for trading with friends. —Diablo

    How many runestones will there be? I know there are five per skill, but are they unique per skill? Or five total for the game? —Waterfiend33
    There are five runestone types. Each of the five runestones will change each skill in a different way.—Diablo

    so do you guys only have a selective amount of people you write to or only the latest questions…?—K73SK

    [error: 7] maximum number of replies created—Diablo

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