Last week the Diablo III news was very sparse, as demonstrated by the heckling comments that sprung up on various of our space-filling posts, and the fact that I felt compelled to quote even the most remedial @Diablo tweets. Happily, this week has begun with a bang, and I can thus skip the “welcome to 2008” D3 info tweets and just quote the more interesting ones. Good thing too; I didn’t have another “Meh” baby photo at hand.

    In Diablo will be displayed critical hits in numbers as in WoW?—OF_LiX

    We have options to show some combat text such as critical hits, if you like.—Diablo

    Does it mean that NPC can take damage or even die?—CalamanderRu

    Many of them, yes.—Diablo

    The second tweet is a follow up to this one from a few days ago, when @Diablo confirmed that DiabloWikihealth globes heal all friendly nearby characters, pets, and even NPCs. Obviously if hey heal they must hurt, with the potential for death… but was that in doubt? We all remember mercs, pets, and follower NPCs (such as the wandering Barbs in Act Five) dying like dogs in Diablo II. Plus all three of the DiabloWikifollower archers died in the WWI 2008 demo, one by being memorably snatched up by DiabloWikiSiegebreaker, as a pretty picture sequence page stands ready to remind you.

    Just don’t get DiabloWikiLeah killed, cause she’s cute when she does that little worried gasp thing in the cinematic. As for DiabloWikiDeckard Cain? Hell, lead him into a meat grinder for all I care. In fact, that would be a pretty fun quest. I hope the developers put in some of those special fatality animations for Cain; what would you pay to watch DiabloWikiDiablo bite his head off? Or twist Cain in half and slurp the thick, clotted ichor that flows through his ancient, beef jerky-like body?

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