There’s been a lot of fan discussion about how our character’s equipment will look in Diablo III, especially after we got those Gear Set previews before Blizzcon and then saw more of the coolness of unified gear sets during a Blizzcon panel. Clearly, having all of your character’s items from the same one of the eighteen gear sets will look very cool. But what about mismatched sets?

    After all, there are a lot of items of DiabloWikiarmor—what are the odds that you’ll ever wear 6 or 8 pieces from the same level?  Obviously you could choose to put on whatever junk you found simply because it looked matching, but in an item-driven game like Diablo III, players are going to wear the best gear they find, no matter how ugly it might be. (If you disagree, I have a two word rebuttal: DiabloWikiHarlequin Crest.)

    A fan asked @Diablo about gear set issues today, and got a useful reply.

    I know there is 18 gear sets but can you explain how it all comes together How it keeps mismatches from randomly happening.—DrHighlen

    You’ll definitely have pieces of different sets equipped as you play. The mechanic to build cohesive set looks is You. —Diablo

    When you say 18 sets you mean 18 different boots, leggings,etc? And does that 18 include unique armor or are they totally different?—Theeliminator2k

    They’re visual tiers of gear, not actual specific items by name and stat. It’s the same as Diablo II, but more and better.—Diablo

    Good try to The Eliminator on the second question, and boo to @Diablo for ducking it. Look, are there 18 types of all armor items? Or are there 18 body armors, 16 helms, 10 boots, 8 belts, etc? Most fans are assuming fewer of the lesser items, which should make matching up Gear Sets easier. If the same base item type of belt is in GS 16-18, for instance.

    As for the look of things, there was a lot of fan speculation that we might see some gear changing appearance to match, but Bashiok ruled that out last month. So are we doomed to clown college looks, then? Perhaps not. Here’s a hypothetical:

    Say that your DiabloWikiWitch Doctor has rare body armor, shoulders, pants, and belt from GS 16, and they’re all pretty good items. He’s got shoulders and helm from GS 15, and neither of them are great, but they’re the best you’ve found. However when you find some junky blue shoulders and helm from GS16 and try them on… OMG! You’re like the coolest looking dung beetle (Or lobster. Or mosquito. Or squid. Who can say; he’s got some weird gear.)

    So now it’s your mission to find shoulders and helm from GS 16, with stats good enough to upgrade, or at least not downgrade, your current gear. You look up the uniques legendaries and they’re awesome, but you know finding is unlikely and you don’t have the riches to trade for them. You are able to trade for a DiabloWikirecipe though, that teaches your DiabloWikiBlacksmith to DiabloWikicraft shoulders from GS 16, that have about a 2% chance of spawning with stats that you can live with. So now you’re throwing everything you find into the DiabloWikiHoradric trash compactor to get DiabloWikimaterials for that DiabloWikirecipe, while you look for another recipe for a good GS 16 helm, and hope to find a rare or legendary or set item from that GS that would be just as good..

    That seems like a fun extension of the item game, neh? At least for players who crave a unified look for their character’s gear. And it’s made possible by Gear Sets. Which is probably what the D3 team had in mind all along…

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