After a week of inactivity, DiabloWiki@Diablo got a few tweets off its chest late Friday, no doubt hoping to enjoy a guilt and distraction-free weekend lounging on the beach.

    you once said that all characters will be balanced (ex: wizard can tank just as much as a barb, etc.) is that still true?—vincentbellino

    I’d like to see that quote. I think what was said is that all classes are equally ‘DPS’ classes, and all equally viable.—Diablo
    But no, I don’t think a ‘tanky’ wizard build could withstand the same amount of damage a ‘tanky’ barbarian build could.—Diablo
    Their skills and traits are fundamentally different. You could build a tanky wizard, but it wouldn’t play the same as a barb—Diablo

    Awesome! RT @diablofrettchen: @Diablo 3 get Place 1 on the Amazon Bestseller Games!—Diablo

    how is diablo a best seller before release? o.O #imfeelingdumbnow—MuriloMMello

    Pre-orders. —Diablo

    That Bashiok quote about DPS-classes goes way back. It’s from 2008, and you can read the whole post here. Here’s a quote of the key bit:

    …every class is essentially a demon-killing DPS class. We have no intentions to create a tank, or healer, etc. Every class will play their own way, and while some may take direct hits easier than others, it certainly wouldn?t define their role within a party. Everyone should be kicking in heads at the same time.

    As for pre-orders, note that that link goes to the Amazon.de, the German version. D3 is not in the top 100 best selling video games on Amazon.com. Speaking of pre-orders though… have you guys placed one? Are you waiting for the D3CE? Hoping for a pre-order option that comes with a beta key? Waiting for the digital download? Not sure you’re going to buy the game yet and waiting for some reviews?

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