@Diablo was busy tweeting today, with replies on a variety of topics. Here are the comments made on PvP Arena, charms, and funny bugs.

    Are DiabloWikicharms going to be as drastic in changes as traits or are they more supplemental to them?—Scyberdragon
    They’re pure core stat modifiers. +2 to Vitality and such.—Scyberdragon

    Funniest bug/unintended behaviour you guys found so far?—Diablo
    There have been a lot. One from a long time ago, instead of a wand shooting magic, they would shoot entire horse drawn carts.—Kernosh

    Hi, do you have any plans on allowing the items, traits, skills etc. used in PvM to be swapped for a PvP build on the same character?—Diablo
    No current plans for a dual spec or other quick-swap mechanic to change into a PvP build.—Nielsdue

    Is there going to be a free-for-all mode in arena?—Diablo

    It’s a possibility that you could set one up through a custom game, but you wouldn’t earn ‘progress’ for them.—reno

    How could a wand shoot a horse drawn cart as a bug? I guess they’ve got graphics for horse drawn carts in the game, and somehow the code for that was accidentally substituted for whatever the shooting wand graphic was supposed to be?

    On the issue of DiabloWikiPvM to DiabloWikiPvP character changeovers, that doesn’t seem like a real big deal. With DiabloWikirespecs for DiabloWikiskills and DiabloWikitraits in the game, and a DiabloWikishared stash, it won’t be difficult to remake a character purely for the arena, once you’ve decided to repurpose them for the DiabloWikiArena. (With the possible problem of any DiabloWikiBoE items that aren’t DiabloWikiBoA.) You’ll just have to use other chars for your PvM item harvesting. In a way this takes the strategy out of building a PvP character: in D2 you had to plan it from the beginning and suffer through some PvM hardships with sub-optimal skills/stats.

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