In addition to the tweets about items, @Diablo fielded a few on other issues on Tuesday.

    Will we ever be able to swim and kill monsters under water, or be able to fly, and kill monsters in the air?—LeGrandRenard
    Ever? I don’t know. Will it be in Diablo III? No. —Diablo

    Female Barb too meaty, needs to look more like Red Sonja. She looks like amazons from Futurama.—kevinjbruns
    The female barbarian is awesome. And proportional. She will crush you.—Diablo

    Please do not just rest with four or eight colors for your neutral hair and skin. Hair bright orange and skin smurf blue!—OmnipotentSquid

    There is no character hair or skin customization. You’ll customize your character with items, and dyes.—Diablo

    I was going to link the image to a Red Sonja search result via DeviantArt or DevilFinder, but since both brought up numerous NSFW illustrations, I put the links in this sentence, and you can click or not as your circumstances allow. Personally, I’m glad Blizzard went with a more realistic female Barbarian style for D3; the chain mail bikini/Boris Vallejo stuff is fun for eye candy and calendars and lesser RPGs, but would seem silly on a melee tank in D3. Diablo III characters need practical, sword-blocking armor to survive in the dangerous world of Sanctuary! Right?

    As for character customization, I think (hope?) we can all agree that Smurf-blue skin and orange hair would be stupid in Diablo III—would you like some reasonable level of character customization though?  The argument against it is that it’s extra work/time for the team to create for no real reward; players will always be wearing a helmet and armor, plus we can’t really see the character faces from the isometric view anyway. But if you could wave a magic wand and make it so… would you want to? Where does “chose my own facial features/hair color/style rank on your WANT list in Diablo III, on a 1 to 10 scale?

    Update: @Diablo added another reply on this topic:

    no argument there, i just wanted tough chick that maybe shaves her legs once in a while. Doesnt smell. but Ill deal. —kevinjbruns

    Stomping on the fiery spawn of hell has left her skin smooth and silky. And her hair smelling of pitch and brimstone…—Diablo

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