A couple of new @Diablo tweets today, though both are kind of *facepalms* if you’ve been keeping up with the game info.

    Will DiabloWikigold have a purpose in this game other than repairing DiabloWikiweapons and buying DiabloWikipotions?—Kothica


    You get the feeling that even Bashiok (or whoever handled that one) was annoyed/amazed that someone could have somehow missed all of the DiabloWikiArtisan/DiabloWikiCrafting/DiabloWikiTraining info.

    Elsewhere, let’s talk about a family of DiabloWikiMonk skills that have been known since last October!

    With Auras being so much apart of D2 both Mercs and Paladin Skills, and no mention of Palidin Class for D3, Will we see auras in D3?—Soundguy99

    The monk has auras but they are more like active skills as they have instant effects as well as timed buffs.—Diablo

    At least we got some new info about how DiabloWikiAuras will work in D3. Like Warcries, from the sound of that description.

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