@Diablo on Armor Restrictions, Item Enchantments, and more.

@Diablo was at it again today, with comments about items, development delays, weapon appearance, and more. The first reply continues one from yesterday’s post, so I’ll include that for continuity.

What about the other resources, DiabloWikiFury and DiabloWikiSpirit? Can the generation of those be increased? If not, what does DiabloWikiWillpower do?—Grug
Excellent question! One we can’t answer just yet. Base stats are going through some re-scrutinizing at the moment.—Diablo

If you don’t have basic stuff like stats finalized, what have you been doing for the past 2 years? Wasting time?—Grug
No need to get nasty.—Diablo

So what HAVE you guys been doing?—Grug
There’s this game StarCraft II. Not sure if you’ve heard of it. It’s real fun.—Diablo

So, to sum it up (kinda lost here) : what are pricesely the way(s) to alter/customise the base stats (strength etc) at the moment ?—nitwoo
DiabloWikiGems, DiabloWikiCharms, and to some extent DiabloWikiEnchants, DiabloWikiTraits, and DiabloWikiItems, although they generally enhance specific subsets of the base stats.—Diablo

Armor is going to be custom-designed to suit the visual style of character wearing it. Is this going to be the case for weapons too?—Equestrionaire
No, weapons are set no matter who’s holding them.—Diablo

also to upgrade gems for all fourteen levels, is it a 3 of a quality gem to make the next level(like in D2)?—illthegreat

Yes, that’s the current design. And maybe a little gold. —Diablo

Happily, Bashiok saved one last 140 character reply for a question about armor restrictions in Diablo III.

There should be some decision when putting on armor.

Yes. The decision if you like the stats on the new item better than what you’re wearing.

As always, the vast bulk of the tweets are about known game info and could have been answered by any knowledgeable fan, forum, and/or wiki. The one thing we don’t know about is DiabloWikiEnchanting. We know it’s something the DiabloWikiMystic DiabloWikiArtisan does to items, but no details about it have yet been offered. @Diablo’s offhand remark that enchanting an item can provide a stat boost is actually new, if unsurprising, info.

The only details on Enchanting came from Jay Wilson at Gamescom in August 2010, when he said,

There?s a fixed number of added bonuses. Enchants work like Gems. We wanted the enchant to do what it does each time, rather than force players to use the enchant over and over again (on the same item).

Hence Enchanting is a way to improve an item without altering its existing stats. Not an Imbue, to totally remake an item like Charsi offered in D2, but a more subtle “add a DiabloWikimodifier/improve a current modifier” sort of thing. So we’ll be able to pick one Enchant from a list, kind of like the other DiabloWikiCrafting DiabloWikirecipes, except in stead of making a new item, we’ll be adding strength, or damage, or resistance, or vitality, or other such basic bonuses, to every item we have? Allowing for a fairly large total bonus to one aspect, if you choose to stack them all in that direction? Nothing is yet known about which items can be enchanted, or if the mods will be limited by the item type. It does seem like a nice additional type of customization, though.

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1 thought on “@Diablo on Armor Restrictions, Item Enchantments, and more.

  1. What I want to know is whether they plan on tailoring the attributes to each class specifically. For instance, a barbarian gets more damage per point of strength, while a monk gets more damage per point of dexterity.

    *incoming WoW reference*

    Rogues and hunters get damage from agility, while warriors and death knights get damage from strength. It’s how the classes are built. Are they doing the same thing for D3?

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