@Diablo on Armor Dye and Item Modifiers

Blizzard recently announced an exciting new opportunity for fans to spend their own time promoting Blizzard’s games. In the original post I expressed some surprise at just how blatantly Blizzard was asking us to do their marketing department’s job for them, but didn’t consider the real consequence of it—that the Blizzard game Twitter accounts would be retweeting lots of those posts, essentially spamming themselves and making the occasionally nuggets of content gold (or at least iron pyrite) dispensed by @Diablo even more difficult to excavate.

Still, mixed in amidst the jokes, idle banter, and questions about long-known info, there were a few newish game questions covered in yesterday’s tweets.

Did we see all the DiabloWikiarmor dye colors at Blizzcon?—MultiKillGaming

No. Most, but not all.—Diablo

Will any of the dyes change anything more than color? Like, apply metallic effects, per se? Or something like textures, like rust?—Magistrate17

What will end up in the final game is still a bit unknown, but we have toyed around with some interesting dye effects.—Diablo

Will effects such as run/walk, attack speed, and cast rate still be affected by armor piece as in Diablo 2?—DJ_Salerno

There are movement speed and attack rate modifiers, yes.—Diablo

Are you guys building a gem-socket system powerful enough not to get disused at high character levels?—A_question_4_D3

Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance for extra stats at any level? Even if the benefit were minimal…—Diablo

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1 thought on “@Diablo on Armor Dye and Item Modifiers

  1. So… bad.

    I’m not sure what’s worse. The fact that somebody wasted their life to write this or that I wasted my life reading it.

    Just going to say – Press have NDA that cover every aspect of information and it doesn’t fool me for a second that they would overlook such a glaring hole in the NDA they had an actual employee sign.

    People have also mentioned uncertainty about the HR reference. THe 20th Anniversary Video is enough for one to know that HR has had a negative effect on the team’s antics – namely when Samwise laments HR’s interference with the Jawa Wall.

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