It’s been a while since we had a genuine collection of Diablo news tidbits, so rejoice and sort through these for hidden gold.

    The new issue of Atomic, and Australian gaming magazine, features a cover story about Diablo 3. There’s no word yet on the content, and if they had anything new or exclusive they’d probably be loudly proclaiming it, but if you’re down under you might want to check it out. (You can see previous D3 magazine coverage here.)

    Something called NewsFactor.com has a tech blog, and this week’s entry suggests ARPGs to play while waiting for Diablo III. Leading the list? Diablo I. Props for the old school! Also mentioned are Sacred and Torchlight.

    We were all impressed by the small team at Runic Games turning out Torchlight so quickly, but how about this? A two-person team in China has made major progress on their new MMORPG, in just 18 months! The game doesn’t have a title yet, but the studio is called Nullgame, and yes, that was two people.

    Okay, the landscape in the opening scenes of the demo is literally ripped right from Diablo 3’s first gameplay movie, and the combat animations are sub-Everquest quality, but hey…. two people! Click through for the embedded trailer.

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