Diablo Animated Series for Netflix Appears to be Going Ahead

Diablo Animated Series for Netflix Appears to be Going Ahead

There have been rumours circulating for a while that an animated Diablo series for Netflix was being developed. According to Boom! Studios founder Andrew “Andy” Cosby, things are now moving ahead with the project.

In a now-deleted tweet from Andrew Cosby, he confirms that he is in final talks to write the series. The tweet stated:

I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new DIABLO animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out.

Despite this being an animated series, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be edgy. A few weeks ago Andrew Cosby stated that if the project was to go ahead “it would DEFINITELY be Rated R”. Watch out for more news on this in the coming weeks or even at BlizzCon later this year.

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    11 thoughts on “Diablo Animated Series for Netflix Appears to be Going Ahead

    1. if this were animation quality such as Blizzard’s Diablo/Warcraft/Starcraft intros are, it would be top notch.

      I’d actually be more concerned about the story.

    2. The setting for Diablo would be cool, but I have little hope that Blizzard can make even a passable story after the joke of a story that was in D3. D3 seemed like the kind of a story a 7 year old would write if they wanted to tell an edgy horror story.

    3. They’ll probably do a 2 hour 4 episode combo debut, where all the character classes are introduced then they become a merry team and end each episode in a huddle sharing a good laugh.

    4. The magic about D1 and D2 was that it had a niche setting and mood, being Serious Dark Gothic Medieval Horror. The plausible Ancient/Medieval world in “Diablo” is falling apart because the devil and the forces of hell enter the mortal world and the heavens struggle to prevent this from happening. The player takes on the role of a simple mortal, that dares to attempt to stop Hell and the Devil from destroying the world. The Heavens seek to guide us mortals on this unlikely quest to safe the world from destruction.

      This is a very biblical and epic setting, and it was given to a Hack and Slash Dungeon Crawler ARPG.

      It was a non-mainstream setting, and genre at the time, to become genre defining and win the passion and love of millions of ardent fans.

      Then with D3, Activision-Blizzard came along and attempted to force the “Magic of Diablo” to become mainstream.

      The urge to push Diablo to become mainstream, is what ruined the franchise, because they had to water it down, and dumb in down for the stupid and simple mainstream audience.

      This TV series won’t be aimed at winning back fans by being a serious dark Gothic medieval tale about “The wanderer” or the biblical conflict of heaven and hell. This TV series will be a cartoon-y kids-story with cutesy “pets” and blasphemous humor.

      The magic that came with D1 and D2, was lost with the departure of Blizzard-North, and the masterminds that were lucky enough to create a once-in-a-lifetime master-piece that went down in gaming history.

      The creators of D1 and D2 have a history of failures, but that’s because those beautiful people are willing to take chances, and maybe, just maybe… they will create something magical.

      Activision-Blizzard does not take chances, and what matters is the potential revenue, which can only be achieved if you create bland and boring stereotypical content for the broad masses of this world.

      I have no hope for the future of Diablo…

    5. Really hope that this series is not centralized on a group of dumb invincible heroes and how they epically overcome simple tasks that are blown out of proportion.
      Good luck, Blizzard. Expectations are rock bottom

    6. Lets wait and see, at least the lore and world of Diablo have plenty material to create interesting story.

    7. Don’t be surprised when a Flash-style 2D cartoon slaps you in the face instead of your beloved 3D render cinematics, sweeties.

    8. i wanted this when diablo 2 was out not three the third or what ever number D3 comes in at is too dam cartoony for me diablo should be in 3d if made into a show and they would need to tie in the videos from diablo 2 into the story line and make it more amusing to the veiwers that played it for so long if they really wanted to they could build up a planet of diablo and make that into a gaming idea. so anyway it would be better if they did go with D2’s graphics it would be more like the first two versions of diablo and diablo 2 keeping in mind of the style it was in. I liked the first diablo and the second diablo the third had some things that i could tell i’ve seen somewhere else like a movie or novel that was written before. some of it was good in D3 it was the graphics that bothered me mostly about D3. it looked like they wanted to entertain kids with it and that didn’t make sense to me. just wasn’t what i wanted from D3 i wanted better graphics than diablo 2 if that was even thought of. but nope we gotten cartoony shity crap instead srry for the language but i needed that typed down

      • oh and dont u bug me about my punctuation it’s all coming out of my head have you ever read in ur head do u ever say period when you reatch the end of a sentance i dont and my mind has configureed it’s self to not prosscess those things all the time.

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