Considering how eagerly as it was awaited, Spore hasn’t been that big a hit. Despite the gameplay being somewhat lacking, everyone seems to agree that the creature creator feature is a lot of fun. Not only can players make interesting original monsters, but there’s a great deal of effort spent evolving creatures that look like monsters or characters from other computer games. Ignoring the baying of copyright lawyers, let’s have a look at some of the better Diablo-themed monsters. Here’s one funny dancing Diablo to get things started; click through to see more Diablos, as well as some Baals, Duriels, a Gharbad the Weak, a female Witch Doctor, and lots of other amusing and occasionally NSFW spawns.

    There are tons of Spore-created Diablo creatures, mostly monsters. The hardest part, apparently, is making the faces, since there are a lot of otherwise well-done creatures that are utterly undone by their screwed up frog/duck faces.  This Duriel, for instance. Here’s another Duriel that’s a little better on the face, and has great claws, but too short of a caterpillar rear to the body.

    A passable Female Witch Doctor. With huge tribal mask.

    Diablo I favorite Gharbad the Weak shows up, though he seems to have mutated into some sort of great ape hybrid?

    Here’s an amusing one I like to call “radical mastectomy Andariel.”  Thankfully, someone else did a more respectable version of the Maiden of Anguish, though she’s still got facial issues.

    Baal is a popular subject as well, but with 4 crab legs and all those spikes and antlers and tendrils, he’s not an easy one to master. The face on this one is a disaster, but the shoulders are well done. This one is pretty good, but no color doesn’t help.  Nice legs and colors, but what’s with the feathers? This one is attractive, but six legs, with ridges? When you get right down to it, the best Baal is this one… and it’s a version of the mythological Mesopotamian demon, not the monster of that name featured in Diablo II.

    Surprisingly, given how many Spore angels there are, no one seems to have tried a Tyrael. Well, I did find one, and it’s not bad, but the fact that the guy calls Tyrael “the big angel from diablo3” and has him making cute “woogie woogie woogie” noises to a miniature version of himself is a little suspect.

    Another Diablo III monster checks in, this time it’s the DiabloWikiMistress of Pain. The head is bizarrely-inappropriate, but the body isn’t bad, and bonus points for such a cool color scheme.

    Unsurprisingly, there are about a million Diablos.  It’s impossible to pick which one is “best” since lots are interesting, but they’ve all got something imperfect about them. A few notables:

    • This one has great color, but it’s LOL with the studded shoulder bulbs and the spindly little ankles.
    • Nice job on the spikes, but the lower legs are weirdly-dog-like, and the face is bizarre. No red soulstone?
    • No. Just no. A red chimpanzee with some funny horns is not Diablo.
    • This one cracked me up, since that’s exactly how a man would act if he had a penis he could use like a broomstick. This one is probably NSFW.
    • Nice back and tail, and I kind of like the stripes, but what’s up with the arms?
    • It’s angry death metal Diablo! With probably the least-accurate face of them all, but it’s kind of creepy in an alien-piranha style.
    • Someone made a blackened Diablo skeleton, and it’s actually pretty good. It’s a clever way to solve the face issue, at any rate.
    • Are there any good ones? None are perfect, but here’s about the best one. Nice work on the face and mouth and spikes; only the tail is wrong, and the overall body dimensions are a little stunted.

    There are lots more to look through—if you’ve got a favorite or have created some yourself, feel free to add links in the comments.

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