The @Diablo Twitter was busy on Monday, with this an that, but nothing real content rich. Here’s a bunch of quotes, with added wiki links for more details. First up, it’s an impatient Twitter user doing an uncanny impersonation of an impatient Facebook user.

    Release the damn game. No one cares about any thing else, just release the damn game.—Khaiser Soze
    Then why are you following our twitter?   —Diablo
    Thats kind of stupid. Obviously, for a release date. Of course, instead we get art shows and community builts skills, oooooo, wow!—Khaiser Soze
    I can guarantee you that a DiabloWikirelease date will not be announced through Twitter first.—Diablo

    In D2 and Wow you had to run back to your body. Similar with D3 or can we have Ressurection Scrolls again?—Kothica
    No corpse runs this time. A friend can resurrect you on the spot or you’ll appear back at your last check point.—Diablo
    So… any class can revive you on the spot or just some of them?—MGBarotto
    There are no healer/resurrection classes, if that’s what you mean. Any one in your game can bring you back to life.—Diablo

    I said I’d stop bugging you, but I’ll ask anyway – what TIME does the ladder reset?—Klesk2
    Usually in the morning. We’ll post something in the Battle.net Status forum with specific info when we have it.—Diablo
    What blizzards take on ladders, and or resetting them. d2 was tough to get high end items, and resetting more or less annoys players.—Kothica
    They’re necessary for a game that has no DiabloWikieconomy stabilizers (Diablo II). We don’t intend to repeat that mistake.—Diablo

    with advance in technology and the length in time a game like this takes to produce, what version of direct x will this game support—Kothica
    We’re not using any tech beyond DirectX 9 at this point, though that may change.—Diablo

    With the ladder reset, would it be possible to tick those little boxes and include those ladder-only DiabloWikirunewords for single-player?—bjpot1

    It would require a patch, but it’s something we’ve talked about doing.—Diablo

    This goes back to the Facebook post over the weekend, but seriously, what do people think they’ll accomplish by stamping their little feet and holding their breath while demanding that Blizzard release the game? Are they under the impression that the developers don’t know that fans want the game to be finished ASAP? And that if only they could be reminded, all would be well? Let’s imagine…

    Irvine, California: With Diablo III 99% finished, the developers are kicking back, washing down Bonbons with sips of an elegant, yet-affordable tawny port, while watching Guild Wars 2 trailers and laughing at the “it’s the anti-WoW” narration. Suddenly, like the fricking Bat signal, impatient and irate twits and FB comments blast them from their complacency! Reminded of the urgency of their mission, the D3 developers strap on their pirate hats and leap into action!

    One week later, presiding over the official launch ceremony, Jay Wilson wipes away a tear, and looks directly into the camera. “We owe it all to those brave, dedicated, ever-vigilant souls on Facebook and Twitter. God bless them all!”

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