What do you really know about DiabloWikiTal Rasha, the powerful mage who gave his eternal soul to imprison DiabloWikiBaal, only to have him escape some hundred years later?

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind he was a powerful DiabloWikisorcerer of the DiabloWikiHoradrim, but perhaps too selfless for his own good.

    Tal was originally the leader of the Horadrim’s chase of the DiabloWikiPrime Evils during the Sin Wars, and successfully led his brethren into defeating and capturing DiabloWikiMephisto, prisoning him in a DiabloWikiSoulstone given to them by DiabloWikiTyrael, the Archangel. They followed Baal to the Western continent and managed to defeat him in the DiabloWikiAranoch desert, somewhere near DiabloWikiLut Gholein, but at a price. Baal managed to shatter the Soulstone meant for him before he was overcome, and Tal Rasha volunteered to help contain the demon, forever battling with his spirit.

    Anyone who has played DiabloWikiDiablo II, and seen the DiabloWikicinematics know this, and that the DiabloWikiWanderer came to free his brother (even though DiabloWikiMarius was the one who did it).

    What became of his body and personality isn’t widely known, and exactly what the background is for his equipment, Tal Rasha’s Wrappings is also an unknown (this is one of the most detailed item sets in the world of Sanctuary). However, if you are interested in this powerful character of the world of Diablo, do take a look at the DiabloWiki article: DiabloWikiTal Rasha.

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